Thursday, April 28, 2011


Life Lessons From the 1968 Playboy Club Bunny Manual

Thoughtfully scanned by Bunny Regina of the Detroit Playboy Club.

[Thanks, Amanda!]

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Japan has the geisha and the USA has the bunny.


Unkept tail! Bunny Mother! This is priceless. Also, Playboy sounds like a bunch of prudes which is surprising, considering.


@likethestore I duno, I think this is one of the many things that just shows how quaintly old school the whole Playboy ethic is. Like I'm pretty sure this is still how Hugh Hefner sees the world. The whole thing was a bit ahead of its time and pretty progressive in a lot of ways, and then time just got ahead of it.


Dear Sharon, please fly to freezing Chicago. When you are done paying off your plane ticket and participating in our training program we might offer you a job, yours truly, Playboy.


Thank god they could at least do the Watusi in between starving themselves and selling cigarettes!

Kristin M Bonelli

@ian Except in NY and Atlanta!! I wonder why...was there, perhaps, no dancefloors there?


@Kristin M Bonelli NY has something called a cabaret law -- bars and clubs need a special license for dancing. Maybe Atlanta was all Footloose-y too?

Keith Kisser@facebook

@ian Atlanata is smack dab int he middle of Baptist No-dancing land.


"Don't allow yourself to be in a situation where complications arise" is advice for the ages. It is also advice I typically ignore, to my peril.


Jinx, carpetblogger! I was just going to write the same thing!


@carpetblogger If only I could figure out how to take that advice.


@carpetblogger Isn't it just a veiled way of saying "Now, don't go and get yourself raped, missy"?


@carpetblogger : a Bunny cannot rely on duty-free alone, can she...

Dr Clownius

@KatnotCat that's how i read it. but i have been watching a lot of SVU lately...


Surrounded by drinks literally the size of an entire man yet not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages. Well fuck you then, playboy club

Also, I'm kind of haunted by the portentous and sinister paragraph on Suspension that's so much more oblique than anything else in the manual.

Also also, this guide was authored by a hand fetishist y/n?


Oh, I know, it's Imelda Staunton as the harry potter cat plate wizard but this time she's a vicious "bunny mother" who carves lines into misbehaving bunnies' flesh: I WILL NOT ALLOW COMPLICATIONS TO ARISE, &c.


@theinvisiblecunt Solid Umbridge comparison. Absolutely solid.

@theinvisiblecunt Why are you right about everything?!?!?


@anglofiles, perfect, right? Picture Imelda in a matronly dusty pink bunny swimsuit with ruching and frills and excess buttons, a standalone frilly collar matching the standalone cuffs, a big pink bow in between her perfectly aligned bunny ears, and also maybe magic spell powers too? And maybe the playboy club is an all girls' magic school, and the bunny thing is some sort of weird magic race like centaurs but with even more worrying bestiality implications, and I just tricked myself into thinking up harry potter playboy fanfiction so I'll stop there.


I think these rules are used today everywhere in Atlantic City. Nothing really surprising. Thanks for the nostalgia.


@Trilby It's extremely similar to the modern Hooters girl manuel, actually. And probably the modern Hugh Hefner girlfriend manuel (movie/game night edition).


So no panties is bad?


@sp8ce As are thongs, I'm assuming.


Where's page 9? WHERE'S PAGE 9??!


Oh, the shame of an incorrectly bent ear.


Seeing a Bunny take a bite of food or sip from a glass of soda would be a terrible disruption to my ogling! I would be forced to view them as human beings and not a living caricature of a 13 year old boys version of a woman.

ida claire

wait. so if you're 5 minutes late is that 0 demerits or 5 demerits? confusing.


Holy Mary Mother of God. None of this is news to me, but everytime I read or hear "Bunny Mother", I just want to die.
However, I am concocting an idea for next Halloween of going as a Bunny Mother and heading out to the bars and confronting all drunken Playboy Bunny costumed girls out there that are acting unseemly or tawdry.


I thought fraternizing was the whole point of the Playboy Club! Clearly I am mistaken. On the other hand, I wish I had a Bunny Mother to advise me on my hairstyling.


@knucklefish You don't need a Bunny Mother, you have Jane!


Lane Pryce's "chocolate bunny" definitely broke more than a few of these rules, namely #2, "Dating of Keyholders and Guests." http://eater.com/archives/2010/09/27/the-new-york-playboy-club-on-mad-men.php#playboy-mad-men-3


@surewouldoutlaw I was thinking of Lane while reading this! Why would that bunny put her job in Jeopardy for LANE PRYCE? Ugh.


@anglofiles i was also thinking of Lane, pretty much the whole time. then he got clubbed by his dad. sad face.


Now I'll be thinking all day about Gloria Steinem's old "I was a Bunny" story -- the damn costumes were very tight, like a size too small, and the boning would give the girls welts and cuts. Sooooo sexy!


For the guys who read this site, you may want to clarify "the boning would give the girls welts and cuts".
Us gentlemen have a different understanding of the word "boning".



Or it's just pretty much up to you to look stuff up and get your mind out of the gutter if you want to run with Smart Women.


@City_Dater What do you expect, Buddy Garrity is his icon!

jk graffin, I kind of love BG because he reminds me of a chubby owl. A chubby, football obsessed owl.

tiny dancer

@graffin Buddy, WHAT HAPPENED TO SANTIAGO?! I've been dying to know.

Better to Eat You With

Except for the very particular costume elements and the Bunny Mother, this is basically identical to the guidelines for waiting tables and bartending at Outback when I worked there in the late 90s.


@Better to Eat You With Did people ask to take photos with you to commemorate their Outback experiences?

Better to Eat You With

@theharpoon A couple of times, actually, yes. But the guy who cupped my chin with his hand got thrown out.


@Better to Eat You With EW!!!!!

fondue with cheddar

Most of these boil down to (1) be classy, and (2) don't prostitute yourself.


Is that what the Playboy Club Bunny Manual boils down to for you?

tiny dancer

Demerits, ugh. I used to get those all of the time; however, they were for having untucked shirts and chewing gum at a catholic school.

dracula's ghost

I second the query re: what happened to Santiago? He haunts me, as does Buddy's stricken face.

Also you guys, "maximum flattery"????


Awesome!!! <3


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Unkept tail! Bunny Mother! This is priceless. Also, Playboy sounds like a bunch of prudes which is surprising, considering. best memory fom mattress 2013


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