Monday, April 4, 2011


Lady, "Yankin"

I've been enjoying this [NSFW] music video all day and weekend, but oh my god their dinner.

[Thanks, Tom!]

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I tried the bubble gum and champagne diet for about a month, but I didn't like how it affected my yankin so I went back to my Jagermeister and Circus Peanut diet.

sorry your heinous



Leave my mother out of this, syh.


In reading the youtube comments I now realize that dinner consisted of Chester Fries potato chips and Kool Aid.

My mistake.


... so much four loko.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

I will gladly carry your pickels & 4loko, Ms. Lady.

Tom Blunt

I posted this video to MetaFilter and somehow it did NOT get deleted.

Her top lip is silver and her bottom lip is gold. This is like, straight out of the Book of Revelation.


Maybe Jane should do a post on matching your makeup to your outfit??


I am totally serving Fire Cheetos and Alizé at my next dinner party.


I don't think of myself as someone who is easily shocked, but I am not ashamed to say that my jaw LITERALLY dropped when I figured out the chorus. Hilarious! And also, I am really glad I took that NSFW seriously...


How long after the song ended did you pick your jaw up off the floor? Personally, mine was on my desk for about a minute after it stopped playing.


Same here! I'm almost relieved that I still have the ability to be taken aback by pop culture. Apparently my threshold for shock value is a music video about vaginal muscles. GOOD TO KNOW!


Her voice is super, super irritating. Also, those black socks on the men are a big ladyboner killer. At least there is major body in the video.

Feminist Killjoy

socks in the bedroom = giant pet peeve


My pet peeve is an annoying voice constantly pitched to the exact frequency of a wailing baby.


Thank God her pussy be yankin' because she has zero charisma.

Anna Marquardt

They all have wonderful eyebrows.


Maybe Jane can use these ladies as inspiration for the next tutorial. Two-tone metallic lips will be all the rage.


I think my favorite part was when she had those guys by a leash, but she was standing there with her drink looking like she was just waiting for the bus. Dum dee dum.


my friend found this lovely piece by the artist, called "garbage ass." also, obviously, nsfw.



Wow. I thought her voice, makeup, dinner and general aura were Yankin.


My pussy? My pussy be yankin but also I'm afraid of my pussy.


This is a year late, but I love me some Lady. If you feel the same way, go watch her video for "Twerk"...possibly better than "Yankin" and definitely more fascinating. And even more NSFW.

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