Monday, April 11, 2011


Girls and Their Bedrooms

Photographer Rania Matar has taken pictures of dozens of teenage girls in their bedrooms, both in the United States and the Middle East. The results are pretty interesting. It turns out, regardless of where they live, girls love a good photo collage and aren't shy about leaving their clothes everywhere.


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Ellice, 21 must have spent a small fortune on all that dead stock Polaroid film.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Fujifilm still makes instant pack film for things like medium format cameras.


whats with teenage girls having pictures of nearly-naked women up on their walls? something to aspire to? can anyone 'splain this?


I was wondering the same. I didn't see any posters of horses.

Hot mayonnaise

Something to do with the current lesbian fad?


I noticed the women in the pictures are all the exact opposite of what the teenagers themselves look like. All the girls are so sad looking too.


Yeah, why do all of the girls look so tragic? I guess I can kind of understand the girls in the refugee camp not being too happy, but nearly all of the subjects in the photos didn't seem to be enjoying anything- not contemplative, not subdued, just not having any fun at all.


They are teenage girls!


They want to look like them, or sleep with them, or both?


Totally! I can see some nude shots of Marilyn Monroe or some artsy looking erotica, but at least one of them seemed to have gotten hers from Jugs or something.


@karenpr Yes, I did this too ~10 years ago. Girls, regardless of orientation, think it makes them cool because we live in a patriarchy and they are trying to grasp the power that guys get. Girls who are attracted to the images on their own merits also get an additional benefit.

Hot mayonnaise

OMG, I just sent Chris Hansen to my voice-mail.


We should all agree to never deep-throat a penis of cheese.


Well, that depends. Is it Gruyere or Emmentaler?


Glad to see that Labyrinth is still influencing teen girls. I know that it stirred my early sexual development. Bowie's package is both terrifying and awesome..


STC, you definitely have a photo-collage in your crawlspace! 'Fess up!


The wall collage.. I know I felt so much more mature when I finally took my wall collage Version 2.0 down.
Meanwhile, I still want my bedroom to look like Molly Ringwald's in Pretty In Pink.


A couple of thoughts:

1. Whats with decorating your room/computer/phone with photos of yourself? I dated a girl who did that and suprisingly she was reall stuck-up or narcissistic.

2. Theres no way my hypothetical 15y/o daughter would have anything about deepthroating antyhing written on her wall.


My lawn, please get off of it.


wow - a lot of tattooed teenagers. When I was a teenager (one thousand years ago) I didn't know any kid who had a tattoo - I just think it was kind of hard to get when under age? Plenty of people had piercings. So relieved I didn't make a permanent body decoration decision at that age. Otherwise the rooms look pretty similar to mine/my friends' - emo poses and all.


? i did not see a single tattoo.

Nick Douglas

My new excuse for all the bad men do to women (jk not really) is that we're forever jealous of how every teenage girl is, as evidenced here, really fucking cool.


Are you yourself a teenaged girl? Because to me, the juxtaposition of well-loved stuffed animals next to impossible-to-attain beauty ideals is just sad.

tea tray in the sky.

Oh my goodness, I was Hairpinning while taking a break from a project for which I have to curate a hypothetical art exibit. I just happened to be looking for a Middle Eastern native photographer whose work explored ideas of how a person's identity relates to his or her surroundings.



A hearty doze of moral equivalence there. When I look at a picture of a Palestinian girl adorning her room with a picture of an Islamist clerk who calls for murder of Israeli civilians, I don't think teen angst. I think evil. I grew up the Soviet Union, not exactly a paradise of freedom and racial harmony, and, sorry, I just can't relate to that girl.


@blahblah As someone who has never experienced anything like growing up not in the US, I feel that way about any political idolatry. The room was possibly not just hers? Families are weird, y'know. And if it was her photo, I can only compare that to someone with photos of US war generals or Presidents on their walls.

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