Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Neat, Design Your Own Maxi Pad

Kotex is running a new campaign called U by Kotex in which you're encouraged to design your own fashion pads, design your own fashion-pad-carrying tins, and create a virtual inspiration board from which to draw further inspiration for ever more fashionable maxi pads. I've posted mine to the left. It's really nice, no? Nope. But I entered it in their "Ban the Bland" design challenge, and if I win I'll get to design maxi pads with Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field. Feel free to enter, as there's no way anyone can beat me.

And here's Patricia in a loopy video that mentions nothing about making colorful fashion maxi pads but is, I believe, technically all about making colorful fashion maxi pads:

Are you, too, suddenly realizing how few peace signs tampons have on them?

Update: Oh nice, Cassie designed one, too.

[Thanks, Melissa!]

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I for one am boycotting having any more periods until Edith wins, and we all get to have green Sasquatches on our maxi pads.


Um, that is a really complicated designing website! I will play with it later.
Also, I am so insanely jealous of Patricia Field's haircolor I can't even put it into words. THAT IS MY DREAM COLOR WHAT IS SHE USING AND HOW IS SHE MAINTAINING IT?

Edith Zimmerman

Is this the place for period jokes, or no?

Jolie Kerr

@Edith: She really walked right into that one, didn't she?


Oh shit. I definitely didn't mean .... well done.


Cherri, I used to have my hair the electric blue equivalent of Pat's hot pink/red. My hairdresser did a platinum blond double process (so there would be different shades) and then I had to use a product called Fudge to get the color. You have to do the color every couple of weeks to keep it that intense.



I do not know who created this, but oh my.


I love bleeding on pretty pictures!

Ella Quint

I believe that there was an art installation up here (Wpg MB) feat. panty "canvases" that were "painted" with, ahem, menstrual blood. - side note: too many paranthesis? Or not "enough"?


At the risk of overstaying my welcome, what are the chances that The Hairpin might also liveblog the videos posted, since some of us seriously cannot watch videos at our work desks?
Thanks in advance :)

Kate Musgrove

I feel like this article previously contained the word PADSTERPIECE and now it does not am I crazy yes or no?

Edith Zimmerman

Haha. It did and then it didn't and now it does again, because I know just how to spend my time.


You didn't answer her question! Is she crazy yes or no? We all want to know! :-)
Then do the rest of us; are we crazy, yes-or-no-check-one-box.

Kate Musgrove

I am basically a little crazy, MoonBat.


Yay! Be my crazy BFF, Kate!

anna to the infinite power

I would seriously be into designing a custom menstrual cup design, like a laser etching into the silicone...but menstrual cups are already awesome like that, hence the need for this on the pads.


nope - traps for bacteria. dry cleaning is the only cleaning my keeper gets at work, so...

Katie Walsh

Edith! I would be scared to find a green monster in my panties!


Thank you. After reading about the thinning ozone, radioactive water, Christian men telling women not to dress like sluts, I was going to spend the rest of the day on zooborns but this will be a good activity as well.


Kotex Classic! http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/6da7f5aade/kotex-classic?rel=player

I kind of don't trust anyone who uses maxi pads.


Me too---no no no no to this!


Sorry to burst your bubble, Kotex. We beat you to the punch ages ago: www.partypantspads.com


Considering what happens to it, I would not want to make it look extra special and pretty.


You guys, this has already been taken care of: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_TFY6HJh_jT8/Rj7L4VC3H8I/AAAAAAAAAGQ/mfUYf7ftDMI/s400/anime-period-ghosts.gif
It *needs* to be put on a pad. If only I were the one to draw it...


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