Thursday, March 3, 2011


Girl Thinks It's Funny That She Can't Close Her Eye

When Sheltie got her wisdom teeth removed she lost the ability to close her right eye, and at first she laughed about it — but then her eyeball dried up and crumbled out into her hand! "Put it back, put it back," she screamed. (Just kidding.)


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Oh, man. If I had a dollar for every time my mom said to me, "You're like the elephant man" when I was in high school...


It is a good thing my wisdom teeth have already been cut out of my face, because that leaves quite an impression.


No kidding. And for all my mom's faults, filming me right after my wisdom teeth extraction is something she would NEVER do.

(Thanks, Mom.)


Oh my God. That totally brought tears of laughter to my eye. THANK GOD my Mom couldn't figure out the video camera, because that's exactly the kind of thing she would do. She did manage to get some still shots of me with giant chipmunk cheeks. And BTW, since pain killers make me barf, I was TOTALLY SUFFERING on like, a Tylenol and couldn't even run away.

Edith Zimmerman

This all kind of reminds me of my friend Jessie, who told me that when she got her wisdom teeth out she was sitting at her kitchen table, her face swollen, bandages inside her mouth, two bags of frozen peas pressed to either side of her face, but on some kind of painkillers, and she said to her mom, "This is the best day of my life."


Yeah, it's all fun and games unless painkillers make you barf! Also, my cousin bit the dentist once, so the next time she went, they gave her laughing gas, and she started taking off all her clothes. (She was probably 8 or 9 at the time.)

The Secret Sharer

Someone I know had her wisdom tooth pulled out and half her face was permanently paralyzed when that nerve was damaged, and it never got better. so my advice is, unless you really really need to get them pulled out, don't do it.


I had 4 pulled at once and 3 out the 4 major nerves were severed.
I could not (still can't to some degree) feel my lower face, lips and tongue. For years I heard the familiar refrain, "you have soup, cereal milk, spaghetti sauce on your chin".

Fun thing to try- sever all your Lingual and Inferior Alveolar nerves and see if you can tell the difference blindfolded if you're being fed from a bowl of Dorito's or a bowl of broken beer bottles.


Oh my god, how is your ability to taste doing now?


That came back after a few years. I did over salt everything for awhile as it was one of the flavors I could still notice.
There is no better diet than not being able to taste food in my opinion. I just did not care to eat and would eat the easiest thing to be done with it, like soup. Also, mushy stuff like White Castle because you will bite your tongue a few hundred times with other things that require chewing. Chewing is much more complicated than people know!


oh, zidaane, my heart breaks for thou!


It's all somewhat normal now. No worries. I don't even have a bad goatee anymore. There are many worse off.


My mom packed my face in ice the moment I got home from my wisdom teeth removal and thus, the swelling was minimal. But, the drugs! I took the drugs and went to the movies with my mom. To this day, I can not locate that Dolly Parton movie anywhere. It was the worst/best! I'm not sure it even exists, I was so high and happy...

Carrie Hill Wilner

It does exist, and it's A Smokey Mountain Christmas.

Caitlin Podiak

Almost immediately after getting my wisdom teeth removed, I went into NYC with my family and ate a steak dinner and then to a four hour concert at Carnegie Hall. I couldn't sleep without Vicodin for a few weeks, until a long, sharp shard of tooth finally worked its way out of my gums.


All I took for my wisdom teeth was local, and nothing swelled up, and I didn't do anything hilarious. It was pretty lame, but it was a quick recovery. I had to have all 4 out at 26, because of a gum infection, and I think it was weird for them that I was enthusiastically interested. "So then you dig under it and tap away to loosen it? Then what?". Also the doctor said I could keep my teeth, but the nurse told me I couldn't because they were medical waste and not sanitary! It wasn't like I was going to lick them or anything. I was just going to go throw them off a pier, as a way of thanking them for their long service in my mouth, and in the hopes that someday, some kid somewhere would find them washed up on the beach and wonder if they had part of a murder victim or if a whale has baby teeth.


I got to keep the wisdom tooth that I had pulled!

I could throw it in the ocean for you, as I have no idea what to do with it and keep finding it in my sock drawer and getting freaked out.


OMG! MAKE IT INTO A NECKLACE!!! I really wanted mine, but they said no. And also, I think they had to like, break them up to get them out or something.


That looks like her "O" face.

tea tray in the sky.

This girl is the bravest girl in the world for allowing this to be here. If indeed she did allow it. If not, well, at least we know she has a sense of humour.


I had a wisdom tooth removed a few months ago in the middle of the day. And then? I went back to work. I made it through the rest of the day, but wound up with a hole in my face, a fever and three days of bizarre dragon nightmares. I would have preferred her experience.


Her name is "Sheltie?" Does she have a brother named Rottie and a sister called Collie?

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