Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Young Woman Leaves a Message for Ryan

After meeting a stylish guy that she liked, Dominic (Dominique?) gave him a call to signal her interest and let him know her whereabouts.


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13 years old or 24 and drunk? You decide.

Tuna Surprise

Definitely young enough not to own a a copy of The Rules.


I get these all the time. WHATever!


So where does she work? Ebay or Jamba Juice? HOW WILL HE FIND HER?


Aw, poor thing. She reminds me of Brittany Murphy's character in Clueless (Brittany Murphy -- an even sadder poor thing). Anyway, I think she sounds sweet. I hope this doesn't prevent her from ever openly expressing interest in a guy again.


Dominic/que, you are an inspiration.


I'm faxing her as we speak.


We also have the same interest in indigestion.


This was great.


Oh God, I just looked at the account page for the video. It says "I got this message late Friday night. BTW - I didn't go out that night."
Oh man.


Loooove her!

This is like that scene from Swingers, but worse and real, but also better because no Jeremy Piven.


This must have been a pretty hairy interaction. Feigning indigestion is a bold and desperate escape strategy.


Aw...I feel bad for this poor girl. I'm sure most of us have done something similar. Posting it was, in my opinion, a mean-spirited thing to do. Especially without censoring any sort of information that makes her identifiable.


But we love her! How is that mean-spirited? (Perhaps my comment above can be interpreted as mean-spirited. If so, it was not my intent at all.)


Something similar? Oh man, I have done a lot of terrible/stupid/drunk things in my day but I am pretty sure none of them even approached the glory of that message. That message was like a unicorn.


I'm sorry - I was unclear. The "mean spirited" person was the dude who decided to make a private voicemail so very public. Really not nice!


so, what you're saying is that I *shouldn't* have posted that okcupid message that guy sent me from the point of view of his "one-eyed cat" on facebook?

Esther Werdiger

she's the best! she probably doesn't even remember making the call so it's all good, you guys. yay alcohol.


The girl has a pager AND a fax machine!


Im sure shell forget all about that guy the next morning and when he calls her shell be like "Who? What shirt?"


A radio show I used to listen to had an ongoing feature where listeners gave a number to anyone who chatted them up and they didn't want to actually hear from again, and of course the voicemail messages got forwarded to the radio station, and they played funny ones on air. But none of them, none, got close to the majesty of this one. (Not that I condone this practice in any way [unless it's really fucking funny]).


When in junior high, my girl friends and I would prank call the "teen lines" listed in our local phone books. If we got an answering machine, we'd leave some bizarre message along these lines. Perhaps this is the modern, drunker version?


Oh no! She got the fake indigestion and the fake number and then THIS. Also very confused whether she works at E-B-A-Y or J-A-M-B-A Juice.

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