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Women Share Breakfast Spaghetti on the Subway

"What kind of animals eat on the train like that?" one commuter recently asked another. "What kind of fat bitches look like you?" the second commuter responded. Oh! OK, yes, good, one of these commutes.


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Women trade rhetorical questions over pasta.


I love spaghetti.


I've seen people eat sushi on the train. With chopsticks! Who the hell is that hungry for heaven's sakes wait 'til you get wherever you're going.


*shamefully raises hand* In my defense, I work an overnight shift (midnight-10am) where I'm the only person there, so if I don't bring enough food, I'm screwed. I have done the shameful snarfing of food because I couldn't handle waiting through my hour long commute all the way back home after discovering one of my coworkers ate all my ramen & didn't refill my stash.


No need to defend yourself! That makes perfect sense. It just looked so unenjoyable. You must get lots of side-eyes eating at 10 or 10.30 in the morning, if you're eating (as I'm picturing) dinner type meals. Maybe that's what the spaghetti eaters were doing, maybe they're late-shift workers.


This is why you should never talk to anyone on the subway. Ever. (Much less criticize their spaghetti breakfast. Thats just asking for trouble.)


Enforcing the "no eating on the MTA" rule has never been worth the battle to me. I'll never get into it with someone who is hungry enough to grub down on a dirty subway car unless their eating is seriously violating my personal space.
The second most important takeaway from this video is to never, ever start shit on the A train if you can help it.


I hate it when people eat on the T and yeah, it kind of grosses me out but lady, mind your own damn business! And calling them "animals" really crossed the line w/me (not that she deserved a beatdown, but LADY).


True story! I always cringe at the smell of food (fast food esp) on the train; but who calls people animals over it?? You never know people's story - maybe that's the ten minutes they have to eat before work after class, etc. Rude.


I agree! We get it, eating in the train is terrible but calling someone that? I'm with the hungry pasta lady here. (I'm always with the hungry pasta lady.)


I legitimately don't understand why eating on the train is so terrible. [Full disclosure: live in a small town that just got public transpo in the last year or so]. Is it really a horrible thing?


I think generally everyone's miserable and hungry on the train and then you have the BO mixed with the smell of whatever someone's eating. It just makes the dreadful commute more unpleasant. It's annoying but I'll probably just move to a different spot if it's too much.


Judging the the way she was shoveling it in her face, she was probably making disgusting spaghetti slurp/grunt noises too, which might prompt the "animals" remark.


I've seen people clip their toenails on the train -- WHILE eating a fragrant chicken dinner. The horror subsides in homage to the skills involved.


Between naked asses, sex and rats on the subway, it's a wonder I ever choose to sit.

(seriously, all of that: http://www.subwaydouchery.com/)


People honestly have zero decorum nowadays. They eat like hogs wherever they happen to be at the moment -- eating at home or at a table is totes for losers. I see it all the time and it's disgusting. I think people who eat on filthy subway cars, subjecting everyone else to the noxious odors of their fast food (not to mention all of the cow-like chewing and juggling that goes with trying to eat on a bumpy train ride), deserve to be publicly shamed for their lack of manners and consideration for others. Sure, the "animal" insult was tactless — but at least the trashy spaghetti queen proved the insult correct, by acting like a complete dipshit.


I ride the train an hour to get to work, so yeah, I frequently eat on the train. I feel like as long as I don't make a mess, no one should be bothered by it.

peachy lefever

I think we all knew that spaghetti was gonna end up in someone's face by the end of the ride. Good Times.

Legs Battaglia

Like a gun in the first act of a play?


i literally just created an account to give you props for that comment. :)


Current debate amongst my friends over e-mail. "Is this a waste of spaghetti?"


My friend was on the train last night and the woman next to her clipped a nail off that flew ONTO MY FRIEND'S LAP.
Friend: "Excuse me, you are disgusting"
Woman: "Me? What's your problem, you fucking bitch?!"
And then EVERYONE on the train shouted down the nail clipping woman and someone offered my friend another seat at the end of the car.


That lady must not ride the train very much because seriously there are way worse daily offenses than spaghetti.

But eating on the train or in the train station in NYC = you're eating rat feces and you're grossing me OUT.


I am totally with these pasta girls and against everyone who complains. My feeling is this: nobody WANTS to have dinner on the subway. If you have to have dinner on the subway (especially in the morning!), obviously your day is not going as you would like.

Yes, it may be slightly annoying to those around you. But to everyone who complains: congratulations! Today, you have more than five minutes to yourself, and you can eat a lovely meal at home, perhaps even over a tablecloth. But tomorrow it may be YOU who has to eat subway spaghetti, and you will be grateful if the people around you just slide over a seat instead of treating you like dirt and making your already bad day worse.

~signed, someone who has never eaten spaghetti on a subway, but who may once have eaten a burrito bowl on a bus.

Strawberry Switchblade

That's what I've always assumed as well. Unless they make a mess -- then I'm like "Quit being a dirtbag and pick it up!" (they never do)




Fucking THIS. I can't believe the assholes in this thread. Congratulations, you're inconvenienced by someone eating their dinner on the subway. You think you deserve sympathy over the people who have to _eat their dinner on the subway_? I agree that people shouldn't be rude about it (e.g. loud noises, exceptionally smelly food, making a mess, etc.) but some of y'all sound like you think you're so much better than someone who's never had to eat on the train.

Charismatic Megafauna

all day i dream about spaghetti

Legs Battaglia



i think i love you.

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