Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Who Is This Hot Guy?

His name is Geminoid, and he has a secret. ["Is it that he cried at Sex and the City?"] Nope. One more guess.


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Oh my god, I'm so creeped out, I had to watch three videos of him before I realized it was a robot and not a real person pretending to act like a robot. (Why would there be a video of a real person acting a little bit like a robot, anyway?)


yes. It took me way too long to realize I had fallen into the uncanny valley until I subsequently starting puking, because, revulsion. At first I was all just, this guy has fake eyelashes, what?


Why would you purposely make a weak-chinned robot then add a fake hair goatee to hide the weak chin??


It's more realistic that way.


Does anyone else think it's funny that this video surfaced the same week as the Blade Runner prequel rumors? Clearly, we're all doomed.


I was afraid something was going to suddenly scare me, but it was more of a creeping realization. Ugh!


So you think that Skynet is going to send the T-1000 to kill you, but it's actually sending a Sonic Youth fan in Red Hook who brews his own winter ale.


He will also write Pitchfork reviews and use Vegan cookies for fuel.


He will attempt to decapitate you by morphing his arm into a razor-sharp Dinosaur Jr. Green Mind reissue LP.


Not until 0:16-0:20 did I get it... he started moving his eyes back and forth and I thought only of those F.A.O. Schwartz trees/bears that look at you when you walk in, as you hear, "Welcome to our world, welcome to our world of toys..." *shudder*


Edith, your Winter Boyfriend is clearly running out of juice, but you'll have to get rid of him in a couple of weeks anyway. Time to "lock in" your Spring Romance!

Hot mayonnaise

YouTube's blocked, so I'll have to assume it was vid of Max Headroom.

Meredith L.

I think my brain just threw up.


At the :22 mark, when I finally realized the answer to "why are his eyes like that?" I actually got scared. Of what I don't know, but it was genuine fear. So does this Recently Divorced Dad sexbot come out in 2012, or?

Alex Shapero

robot robot robot robot robot


Looks like Chuck Todd or Dante from Clerks.

Ironika Leigh

guys get real dolls and we get him? life is never going to be fair.

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