Friday, March 25, 2011


Who Has the Biggest Boobs in the World?

Finally, the female counterpart to that helpful penis-size map is here. Gentlemen, start your engines...and drive all the way to Norway!


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In contrast to the dick-size map, I'm sure obesity is a huge factor here.


Thank you for that.


But what about the Scandinavians? They have low obesity rates.


I mainly meant for Americans - there are definitely countries/ethnicities that just have bigger bubbies.

Jolie Kerr

Hey now, some of us ladies are tit-men too ya know.


I have some fond mammaries of Finland.


Oh, don't be a booby.


You ought to nip this kind of thing in the bud, bra.


Like Dorothy screamed to Rose about her stupidity, "Rose you're throwing off the curve for the whole nation!", I too, am balancing out the U.S. Not if I shoved life preservers under my shirt!


Also, this flies in the face of all the scientific research I've conducted over the years.


In Russia breast stares at you!


Colombia and Venezuela are really doing quite well in the World Girth and Boobage Cup.


And once again, condolences go out to poor China.

Sarah C. Roberts

But does this take fake breasts into account??

Sherry Smith

Where is this data coming from? I don't recall cup size being on the census form.


Yeah, I'm groping for an explanation of these numbers too.

Hot mayonnaise

It's from the new Tucker Max book, Stand-up Double.


If Ds are average in the US, why are D-and-above bras so hard to find? I'm a B, but a lot of my friends are way bigger than me. But as discussed in other posts, the bra industry doesn't seem terribly interested in giving women what they want.


@whateverlolawants - WORD!! my thought exactly. If the AVERAGE is a D, why does Victoria's secret only go up to a DD?? (Frustrated G cup over here)

Pelvic Trust

I'm guessing this is based on sales data. I wonder if that would skew the results upward, since smaller sizes don't require confinement.

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