Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Wrong Shoe for Any Occasion

This new Prada shoe is the fashion equivalent of a Turducken — combining three just okay things into one very gross thing. They're called Creeper Brogues (seriously?) but maybe the Wing-Espa-Sneak or the Tip-Drill-Er would be more accurate?

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Hot mayonnaise

Choire wrote about these next door, but I forget if he was ranting or raving. (Next door's blocked at work.)

Hot mayonnaise

Ladies, what do you think of the standard wingtip? Basically, the leather part of the above, with a normal dress shoe sole. Lately, I'm kind of liking them in a retro sort of way. Also, my dad wore them when I was a kid.

Katie Walsh

Wingtips are great. Wingtips on top of espadrilles (gag) and raver sneaks are the worst thing I have ever seen.

Hot mayonnaise

Agreed. Also, dress shoes w/o socks.


I'm a lady and I wear them with everything, dresses included. They are big sexy retro clompers and I love them.


Wingtips, muy sexxy. The monstrosity in the photo above, nowhere near.


wingtipd..so hot in a sexy nerdy type of way!!


Bringing back "fashion victim." Who's with me?


When I saw this post, only the ankle portion was above the fold, and it made me think "what's the big deal?" Then I scrolled down, and it was like a slow reveal in a horror movie. "No. No! Noooooooo!!!"


The wrong shoe for any occasion...except dancing to electro ska at a beach rave.


These look like a reject that Miuccia dug out of a dumpster behind Rei Kawakubo's house.


tip drill-er...cuz it is imperative to have good traction when you are throwing ones and hollaring "it must be yo ass, cuz it aint yo face!!"

these shoes are aptly described by apples....dancing to electro ska at a beach rave....ill take it a little farther...dancing the fox trot with a flapper chick at a beach bonfire high on E, sucking on a pacifier with tiger blood dripping from your fangs....WINNING!!


Also, "Tipdriller," something something STC's mom.

Robin HitchDied

This has to be some kind of Photoshop-contest joke, right? Please say yes.


They are so weird, I kinda like 'em.

N.B.: "creeper" is actually the shortened form of "brothel creeper" which has to be the best name ever for a shoe.


i thought these puppies were the "vintage" version of the skechers shape-up shoes. for, you know, when you want to look cool at the flea market but still tone your butt.

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