Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Slutty New Troll

"The toy queen was so busy waving her slut wand at other dolls I sometimes thought we'd never get a turn," said one troll doll of its sexy new look. "But finally our day has come." "We are truly blessed," said another.

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and it all started with a few bejeweled bellybuttons...

Hero of the Beach

If you want to have a terrible afternoon, there are worse (better?) ways you could do it than this: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trollz&aq=f

Hero of the Beach

God damn it, why did I have to take my own advice?

"What sexy and mouthwatering big female feet! This scene rocks and is amazing! Nice close ups of their feet, too.
Shadowanime12 3 months ago"


I was looking up above-knee amputations on YouTube (someone I know was having one, so I needed to do research!) and I uncovered a world of amputation and amputee fetishes.... as in, there's people who like amputees AND there's people who actually try to give themselves amputations.


Not being short and dumpy = being a slut. If that's the criteria, I'm not a slut. PHEW!

If it has to do with the crazy, ill-fitting clothes and giant feet... total slut over here.

Lady Gagarin

I don't want to be one of those "my childhood" people, but... my childhood. My childhood?


I came here with the intention of posting "nooooooooooooooooo my childhood." there is strength in numbers, maybe?



This was exactly my reaction. They're Trolls, for heaven's sake. TROLLS!

Fancy Mustard

Yet the old dolls still bear a stronger resemblance to the Olson twins than the new troll-human incarnation.


To quote Marge Simpson: I don't think anyone should be playing with a doll with such bizarre hair. Such awful, awful hair...


but what does Jon Cryer think of all this? http://video.teamcoco.com/video/conan.jsp?oid=246049&eref=sharethisUrl


ugh--they've been Bratz-ified!!! although as a fan of Fashion Star Fillies back in the day, I can safely say my preteen self would've been all over this new iteration, sadly.

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