Monday, March 7, 2011


The Latest Baby Craze

"A baby doesn't just shove the giraffe's head into his maw—he cradles it and squeezes it and gazes deeply into its dark black eyes." –Josh Levin on the love affair American babies are having with Sophie the Giraffe, the $25 French teething toy that has become the best-selling baby toy on Amazon. So what if you've purchased Sophie for at least three of your baby friends? Does that mean the poor kids will grow up to have some sort of giraffe fetish? : – [

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I've always had this fantasy where I was a giraffe. My long neck straining with my long tongue in search of a sweet acacia fruit. Then regurgitating my cud back up into my neck for a second round of digestion. Then I would turn and rub my neck against my lover's neck. And then more acacia. I would then run away from my astonished mate and return to my silly little conservative life. Nobody the wiser that I was a giraffe.


As adorable as Sophie is (because there is something weirdly alluring about her), I have never been able to justify spending $25 on a teether when my babies chubby little fists were free. (Not counting my deductibles.)

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