Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The First Unretouched Makeup Ad [Asterisk]

This is part of Make Up For Ever's new ad campaign for its HD Invisible Cover Foundation: an unretouched photo of a conveniently young and lovely blonde taking a picture of herself in a bar (here's a hi-res version). The small print reading, of course, "Make Up For Ever's first campaign with no retouching — certified by a notary public." (Emphasis mine.)

They've also created a dizzying no-retouching website to fall into, and a brief no-retouching video (below).

Where on the no-retouching campaign did the no-retouching campaign retouch you, etc.?

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the best part is how they don't mention that HD makeup isn't really designed for everyday wear. these untouched photos don't showcase HD powder, which, under the harsh lighting of flash photography, gives that lovely "i just did a shitton of blow in the bathroom" look that's so popular these days.


I took a break from translating cosmetic companys' websites to look at this, and noticed their french site has errors. Now I am convulsed with fear and have to go back and check over my work instead of continuing to read the Hairpin. Bloody HD makeup.


What?!? They used a gorgeous 18 year old who probably doesn't need make up in the first place. Plaster my ugly mug up there in a bar and use it as an advert, I could single handedly ruin the company!


Is it bad that I'm staring at her elbow and wondering if she got deodorant on it? What is that smudge? Why am I obsessing with it?


Does wiping that stuff off count as retouching?


I got stuck on the elbow, and the boatload of false eyelashes.


well it's very distracting! Also, is she holding the camera upside-down, or is this the secret to good self-portraits?


Oh my god, you're right. I didn't even NOTICE that. How drunk is she that she got cocaine on her elbow and is holding her camera upside down?


If she held it correctly her hand would either be blocking the lens or contorted to reach the controls. Plus they wanted us to be able to see the digital image of her on the camera. This photographer got the depth of field perfect, and I suspect noticed the camera issue and had her modify the position she's holding it in.


There is no digital image of her on the camera...even in the enormous hi-res version, you cannot see an image of her on that camera.

Also, no she would not be contorting or blocking the lens - how do you hold a camera? I'm actually dumbfounded by this! I'm wondering if this is a cell phone camera versus real camera thing?


I just assumed that she has dry elbow skin, as do 99.09% of us during the dry, cold winter months...guess it could be blow, though.


The most striking unretouched item is her armpit!


I wouldn't need retouching either if I were a 14 year old model with perfect skin.


Not to mention a professional makeup/lighting team.

Still, I think this idea is pretty damn laudable.


I seriously thought that was Ke$ha, and I was like by unretouched, do you mean "She's wearing normal makeup?" Then yeah, "unretouched."


Ha! I totally thought it was Kedollarha, too.


Hm, it certainly isn't retouched. what's the gross stuff on her right elbow?

Charlotte Rose

I think it's just easier to press the camera button with your thumb. I take mine upside down, too. And that's probably just dry skin on her arm. I'll take one unretouched arm over any number of retouched, stretched, enhanced ads, even if she is 14.


I just thought the white parts on her arm were scar tissue from some dumb dare her older brother forced her into when she was little. But I did wonder what it could have been, like jumping off the roof an umbrella to see if you could be Mary Poppins or whatever.

Also, I thought maybe it was Blakely Lively at first?


I'm just glad I actually get to see what the makeup REALLY looks like. There is so much Photoshop used in normal cosmetics ads, that you don't get to see how the product works. So SRSLY, quit yer bitchin'!


That is some ugly looking makeup and her arm is definitely misshapen. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


I use that stuff. Where is my modeling contract?!


Bullshit. Though this is intended for skin coverage, look at the whites of her eyes. No one's are naturally that crisp white and we all have little red veins in our eyes. She has none. Or maybe I'm just used to my tired twentysomething eyes. I still say bullshit.


i'd wager visine is the trick on the eyes. the elbow stuff is the reflection of her sequined dress. ta da! no one is looking at this comment, since i catch up late. but i win, right?

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