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The Best Time I Asked Jared Leto a Question

I had been kind of a Jared Leto fan since I saw Requiem for a Dream, and I say "kind of" because I basically knew who Jared Leto was and noticed when he was in movies, feeling slightly more positive than neutral about him because he was attractive. So, kind of a fan? But not really.

Anyway, my story begins near the elevators of Orlando's Hard Rock Hotel, where my family and I were staying on vacation. I was in the hallway for privacy, talking on the phone with my then-boyfriend, when I look up and notice someone else in the hallway with me, mere feet away. Just me and this one other person. All alone. In the hallway. Now is where I would put in some suspense. And theeennnnn...It was Jared Leto!

Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds to Mars, was playing that night at the Hard Rock Cafe, so I guess it made sense that they would be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. (And I knew they were playing there because my parents noticed and asked if I wanted to get tickets, which, you know, of course I didn't, because gross. Mom!) So because of that, combined with the fact that it was clearly Jared Leto, it didn't take much convincing for me to convince myself that this was Jared Leto.

Though I wasn't really a fan, as I already explained, I was immediately starstruck. The Jared Leto! From Requiem for a Dream! Standing right in front of me, texting on his Sidekick! Sooo clooossee!!

It was then that I knew I had to say something so maybe we could get married someday, if I could just say the exact right thing. My brain was going a mile a minute. "I like your band." "Do you know where the elevators are?" "Do you...like...weather...here?" They all seemed like great options, so I stopped listening to my boyfriend, put the phone to my side and said:

"Are you Jared Leto?"

Mmm, not what I had planned exactly, but still fine! Maybe? Unless his name was was pronounced Lee-to instead of Leh-to because I said Leh-to and I actually have no idea which is correct. But, in any case, that's where it all got real weird. Instead of responding right away, he walked toward me, very slowly, until he was only a few inches from my face. Just not anything a normal person would ever do. He stood there for a moment and then either nodded or said "yeah," I don't remember which because I was maybe blacked out. So then after not saying anything for what seemed like maybe 45 minutes, I did the only thing that I could think to do at that moment: Put my phone back to my ear and said,


Ohhh, no! Kelly!

"Who is Jared Leto?" my boyfriend asked.

Ohhh, noooooooooo!

There are definitely ways I could have dodged this question. Like by hanging up the phone or by not saying anything or by just saying anything other than the thing that I did say. But instead of those things this is the thing that I said:

"You know, from Requiem for a Dream?"

: (

And with that, Jared Leto walked backwards for a few steps before turning around and leaving my life forever, while my boyfriend continued to pretend like he didn't know who Jared Leto was even though I'm positive that he definitely did know.

Kelly Conaboy writes a lot, but it's never about anything.

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Guess you two will always be a coupla Lonely Hearts.


Or maybe he was just afraid you were an American Psycho.


Because then he would lock himself in his suite and make it into a Panic Room


<3 this.
"He's always closing his eyes...like it hurts to look at things."
Angela, you were so much more profound when I was in h.s.


Something tells me Kelly did not watch My So Called Life... Requiem! Now I feel old.


We are.


No! No we are not.


"I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Well, either sex or a conversation. Ideally both. "

It took me like three reading of the first sentence to understand that the author had no My So Called Life frame of reference.


I once saw Jared Leto at Heathrow Airport and said "Oh, you're Jared Leto...?" I wonder if how often he (and maybe all celebrities?) get that.


Hahahaha your boyfriend played it JUST right.


Jared Leto was rude to my wife once.

To sum up: Fuck that guy. My wife is great.


That's enough for me to decide he's a dick.
I don't even know you or your wife. I think that it is probably really easy to get me to hate celebrities.

Next time someone talks about him I'll be all: Ugh! Fuck that guy.

science is real

I saw the movie Prefontaine about 2938472938 times before seeing Requiem for a Dream. Requiem was then really disturbing because Steve Prefontaine (the Jared Leto character, if that wasn't clear) didn't have drug problems! He was a runner!

But it's actually perfect because if Prefontaine hadn't died young he probably had the drug-user high-seeking sort of personality if something happened and he couldn't run anymore.


Oh man Jared Leto as Pre made me want to run. Not for long, mind, but I was inspired for a little while there.


Simon Amstell says it all re: Jared.


A girl I knew when I was in high school went to a 30 Seconds to Mars show (why? No idea) and somehow drunkenly ended up on the tour bus. She and another girl she was with made out with Jared Leto and his brother. Jared Leto, being the absolute gentleman that he is apparently said "If i wasn't so drunk right now I'd LET you suck my dick." But like, realllly aware of the fact that sucking Jared Leto's dick would be like the absolute most gracious thing he could do for her, like soooo sorry you are missing this miraculous opportunity. Ew.


@asteadma Hi there! So when did this happen? What year? thanks!

Princess Slayer

I will never forgive Jared Leto for trying to choke Elijah Wood.


That was not "The Jared Leto! From Requiem for a Dream!" That was The Jordan Catalano.


Katie Walsh


Thank you, this needed to be said.


YES. THANK YOU. Even though this story was hilarious, I cannot relate to anyone who's response to Jared Leto is *not* "OMG! IT'S JORDAN CATALANO!!!"

Ironika Leigh

jared leto was at the next table (and then the candy store after!) my then-boyfriend-soon-after-fiance-but-later-exhusband and i were telling my parents about our upcoming nuptials. (are you following? i'm old - this must have been just post-MSCL.)

technically, my failed marriage is j. leto's fault ... he should have seen that i clearly deserved better (him) and whisked me away.

dumb jared leto.


jeez, everyone here knows jared leto. HE'S EVERYWHERE
i feel like i'm missing out on some sort of club, where everyone experiences the dickery of jared leto. i want in, guys.


I've just read the words "Jared Leto" so many times that it no longer makes any sense.


if it ever did, that is.


OH GOD. That's amazing and mortifying and it's great!

A good friend of my sister's has a similar story only it's that he's run into John C. Reilly at a bar and begins semi-gushing over how great he was in Magnolia and how he loves the Tim and Eric Show and John C. Reilly is being really nice about it the whole time. Perfect, right??

Perfect until just as my sis's friend was about to leave he realized who Reilly was sitting next to the entire time he was talking to him: Will Ferrell.

So surprised by this and embarrassed that he DIDNT NOTICE HIM AT ALL that all he could stutter out before leaving the bar was, "OH, uh, UM, you're pretty good too, Will Ferrell."

"You're pretty good, too"... hahahaha Amazing.


ooh, I can just imagine the paranoid actory monologue to which Will Ferrell's wife was subjected that night when he got home. 'I mean, honey, am I that much less good than John? Or is it that I'm less famous? I thought I was MORE famous, but, I mean, am I wrong about that? Am I less good AND less famous? Do you think John's hot, honey? ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH JOHN???'


Heh, I once met my true love, Pete Yorn, at Lollapalooza. My friend was ahead of me in the meet & greet line. While she's getting her picture taken, I'm silently freaking out. I get up to him, shake his hand, and he says, "Hi Beth Ann." All I could stammer out was, "You know my name?" My big chance to make him fall in love with me, and that's all I had.


I have a Pete Yorn story! So, I was at this after-party with a friend who introduced me to Pete Yorn. I shook his hand and he asked me if I was married and I said "No" and then he asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said "No." And then something and then he dragged me by the hand away from my friend to like give me a ride to the Hideout(?) where Phantom Planet was filming a video (I think? I might be mushing together two different nights.) and I just sort of let go of his hand and walked the other way because I felt like he was possibly full of herpes.


I keep thinking- wasn't he famous for My So Called Life? and isn't it Lee-to?

Kelly Conaboy

Probably he was thinking the same thing.

Courteney Nielsen

Awwwwwwww :( Leto is sexy.


I have never commented on this site before but hopefully this is a good enough first comment: One of my friends met Kevin Spacey once, asked him for a hug (he said yes) and as she was hugging him she said OUT LOUD: "I can't believe I'm hugging Kevin Spacey!!!"
I think about that every time I feel like I've made a fool of myself in front of someone important or famous.


The Best Time Jared Leto Asked Me a Question:
I used to work at a music venue in Atlanta and 30 Seconds to Mars played there. Like every other woman in the 90's, I was in love with Jordan Catalano so obviously I was beside myself to see him in the flesh. I posted up in the soundbooth to the side of the stage during their set and was talking casually to my friend who was doing sound. Jordan, er I mean Jared kept looking over at us and at first I was convinced he was hoping I'd make out with him in the boiler room later until he came up to us before starting another song and said verbatim, "Can you guys cut down on the laughing and talking because I'm just an artist trying to perform and it's really distracting." And then threatened to tell his tour manager on us. My dreams of being his Angela Chase were crushed and from there on out I have always thought of him as a huge douchebag. Plus his band sucks. :(


My mom has a pretty fantastic celebrity-meeting story! She was working in a shop on the Boardwalk, and this guy began to pick out an armful of novelty pins. Keeping in mind the value of a dollar back then, she asks "You know those are a dollar each, right?"
The man smiled and said "Don't you know who I am?"
"THAT'S BO DIDLEY!" blurted an extremely tense passer-by.
Her coworker burst through the door directly afterwards, incensed that he had missed his hero while my mom made a mess of things.

Lisa C ₪ ø lll ·o.@twitter

Uh, are you full of shit or.... Jared doesn't use a SIDEKICK. He uses a Blackberry and everyone who knows him knows that...jus' sayin.

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