Thursday, March 31, 2011


Take a Seat, Get Knocked Up

You can't get pregnant just by sitting on a chair. Yuh-huh, you totally can! At least in England, where seven receptionists at a hotel who each sat regularly in a particular chair have fallen pregnant (as the Brits say) in the span of just 18 months — and they're all having boys. Yikes. They've dubbed it the "fertility chair," and now people are refusing to sit in it.

"Oh, step into my office. Please have a seat."

"I can't. Really. I'm fine standing here against the wall."

"Please, sit down. The chair's not going to bite."

"Listen, I would, but I'm single, and I don't really have a lot of money right now, and I just don't think I'm ready for a child."

"Suit yourself! But you'll never find a better, more loving father than this sturdy chair right here."

OMG, wait, what if there are fertility chairs everywhere and we just don't know about them? Next time you're sitting in a meeting, you should pass the time by thinking about whether you're being impregnated right that very minute.

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Are you suggesting that I start wearing underwear and stop pulling my skirt up when I sit down? You go too far, TheHairpin!


Worse yet, they seem to disapprove of my hanging about English hotels in my chair costume. Still! I keep very, very still.

major disaster

Oh sure, joke about it now, but I used to work for a guy whose secretary said he used to jerk off in his office, and his chair did have some suspicious stains on it.


Sadly, all of their children will have four legs, but, happily, each leg comes with a wheel.


Someone has to be Chairman of the Board!


Finally, a seat at the table.


holy crap, did this chair make it's way to Canada at some point? My last job also had a magic fertility chair which could boast of 5 ladies who were in the family way. Since it was a workplace full of females and gay men (fashion! it's dangerous!) this talisman became quite polarizing.

Hot mayonnaise

Thou shalt not sitteth upon chairs until thine ist bethrothed.

Brobdingnagian Brainboners

There's a small department of five women within my company, who sit in an office all by themselves. In the last three years, there have been seven babies born to four of those five women.

We tease the fifth woman constantly about her department's magical fertility powers, and I am now sending her a link to this article. I'm now certain there's a fertility chair involved!


Or maybe ... the front-desk position is a role typically occupied by young newlyweds with a pretty standard life plan. Ooh but I didn't know 'falling pregnant' was a Briticism. What do Americans say?


"Got knocked up."


I just had a trip-out moment in which I realized that the chair I'm sitting in at work is the EXACT SAME chair in the photo. Color and everything.
Maybe should get one of those bouncy ball things to sit on and have orgasms on the thing instead. All the fun without the knocking up part?

 Ojus Azad

knocked knocked knocked.....lucky chair.

ultrasonic flaw detector

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