Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sometimes Sex Makes Us Sad

"[O]ne in three young women said they experienced post-coital blues at some point in their lives. Ten per cent said they frequently or almost always felt sad after making love." —According to a bummer of a new study. If this doesn't inspire you to write a hit song called "I Got the Post-Coital Blues," I don't know what will.

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Everyone is at work, not post-coital, and so too damn happy to worry about this right now. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hot mayonnaise

Conversely, "No young men, of three billion polled, said they experienced post-coital blues at any point in their lives."


Minus one for Rich Santos.

Hot mayonnaise

He's not a young man; he's an old boy.

Ella Quint

A sure sign that something ain't (bein' done) right. "Wait, wait wait - uh DAMN!!!"


No, I dunno, it happens to me once in a while. And has no correlation with how things are going with my boyfriend, either. Actually I think it's a sadness about returning to reality if I'm having a stressful week or something like that.


Does anyone else get the post coital chills? I get really cold afterward. What is that about?


Chills? That's a weird one. I'm always so hot afterward. Sometimes I'm really hungry. Probably because I'm ~burnin cals~


Okay I promise to try not to make everything today about Sweet Valley High, BUT:

"With Elizabeth’s permission, the agent had given Russ her e-mail address. They e-mailed back and forth for a couple of days, and he seemed like a nice guy. Like Elizabeth, he was new to New York; he had come four months earlier for a job as a trader on Wall Street. Coffee turned into a three-week miniaffair spread out over two months. Definitely rebound stuff. She cried after every orgasm. How embarrassing, but he pretended not to notice." ELIZABETH!!!!!


Elizabeth!! You're supposed to be the good one!


I guess that's what happens when your TWIN SISTER sleeps with your HIGH SCHOOL BOYFRIEND TODD WILKINS!

I feel okay posting this because that happens in like, the first two pages. But, um, #spoilermaybe.


Why does averything make women sad!? WTF


Spates, you know I love you, right? You always ignore my replies, but you must know.


it is a little depressing to see that throbbing, swollen, POWERFUL, man meat all shriveled and wet and sad looking after like 4 minutes

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