Thursday, March 10, 2011


Rye Rye's Awesome "Hardcore Girls" Video and Giant-Hand Jumpsuit

RYE RYE! The Hairpin loves rising hip-hop star Rye Rye as well as every other human being and clothing ensemble in this video, with a special shout-out to the girl with the lollipop leaning against the pay phone, who I heard incinerated five whole cameras with her beauty/coolness before they found one that could tape her. Five!


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Bro-lo El Cunado

I really wish that (a) I could dance and (b) I could pull off sparkly gold eyeshadow.


Is this my new favorite thing ever? Yes, it is.


Sometimes I LOVE BEING A GIRL coz we get to decorate ourselves w golden items and wear spandex and call it an outfit and look bangin'
also i miss summer :(


This video is a perfect encapsulation of "Summer in Los Angeles" on so many levels. So perfect.


i am reminded of the greatest jewish-american romantic comedy starring steven spielberg's ex-wife of all time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v8WQ1Z5myE anyone?!


My mother introduced me to Crossing Delancy last year! You're the first person I've ever heard reference it! I was reminded more of the handprint outfit in 'The Owl and the Pussycat', though: http://youtu.be/Y45op2Z6C5o

....also, this video is amazing on a whole mess of levels.


1. this song and this video rule, HARD
2. the handprint outfits remind me of the handprint sweater in the original BLACK CHRISTMAS which my friend jessica so kindly reproduced for me (the shirt, not the movie) so i, too, could have hands on my boobies at all times.


Love it when you do music, Edith.


I love the Hairpin even more for featuring the amazing Rye Rye! In fact, I delurked to make everyone watch her first video, "Shake it to the Ground." It's the best thing you'll see all week, and not just because it's Bmore-tastic: http://www.vimeo.com/420060


just.... just.. thank you.

Vera Knoop

Not only is the woman by the pay phone stunningly beautiful, but her necklace... has teeth?


Basically, Rye Rye is getting greater and greater.


After watching this, I'm just like... #_#


Seriously. The video is awesome, everybody in it is awesomer, but the woman by the pay phone is the best.


That woman will eat you alive with her awesome. I want the remix of this song because it's not long enough!

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