Thursday, March 10, 2011



Relationshapes is back! More drama, more insight, and more just plain ol’ great geometric shapes than any other comic! “Ladies, start your handkerchiefs.”

As always, no boys allowed.

Yet another voicemail message about Relationshapes!

“Hey, RELATIONSHAPES, it’s me Oprah Winfrey on speakerphone because I’m driving. You’ve made me very happy with all your amazing shapes and insights into the human mind. Would you like to star in your very own show on my new TV channel? Call me back on my personal phone. The number is in the pair of panties I sent you.”

Previously: Relationshapes: Part One

David Rees is a former political cartoonist. Now he is an artisanal pencil sharpener.

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I don't get it.


So don't get it either.

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+1 for rainbow tears and chillin' on the sofa.

-1 for the words "Oprah" and "panties" in the same paragraph.


I don't get it either, but I kind of like it anyway, maybe because it reminds me of how I am always typing "relationshop" when I mean "relationship" and then I wonder what a RelationShop would be like. Hopefully it would not just be an "immoral resort," which is the way that this Texas oil dude referred to whorehouses in this oral history collection that I was working on one time.


"The RelationShop! Your source for relations! Sisters, brothers, uncles, we got it all! You need cousins? We got cousins. First cousins, second cousins, once-removed, we got 'em. The RelationShop. We're a family business."


i always accidentally write "relationshit". subconscious, are you trying to tell me something? :s


Also, good job keepin 'em scrooolling, Relationshapes man.


these. +++++++++


Relationshapes is the best thing of all possible things. That is probably a scientific fact.

Internet Girl

relationshapes is totally my hypothesis in the 'best thing of all possible things' experiment.

research is ongoing



That is all.


well, I'm into it.


these are so good


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