Thursday, March 3, 2011



I know what you’re thinking about. You’re thinking about newspaper comics. You’re wondering why there aren’t any newspaper comics for people like you: successful, sophisticated women in full bloom, enjoying life to the fullest with no apologies. Well, that’s all about to change.

Welcome to RELATIONSHAPES, a comic created exclusively for the modern woman.

It’s relationships from a new “point of view”— the point of view of GEOMETRIC SHAPES. Simply print these out and staple them onto your local newspaper’s comics page, and: BINGO BANGO, now you have a world-class newspaper!

I’m not necessarily saying every single one is a masterpiece, but I am saying that every single one is framed in gold, which is a pretty sure sign that, yes, okay, fine: Every single one is a masterpiece.

And the best part? No boys allowed. They wouldn’t understand it anyway, those idiots.

THIS JUST IN: A voicemail message from Dr. Phil about Relationshapes!

Hey, RELATIONSHAPES, it's me. Just wanted to say: Keep those comics coming... keep those emotions and relationships coming... keep those great geometric shapes coming... I love you.”

David Rees is a former political cartoonist. Now he is an artisanal pencil sharpener.

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These are hysterical. :)

Whitmans Sampler

Omg comic sans. I can't read these.




if you don't appreciate the genius of relationshapes then that is your own sad, sorry loss. comic sans, previously an oppressive tool used by the patriarchy to keep discerning women out of powerpoint presentations, is being reclaimed here in the name of feminism and also genius. think about it.

Okay Yeah


Okay Yeah

Not In Our Font, etc., etc.

Violet White

I'm going to staple them directly to my face. Voila: walking masterpiece.


These are pretty good, but WHY hasn't there been a post about this guy's fabulous artisan pencil sharpening? I mean, a mere $17 for a hand sharpened pencil? Talk about a bargain.


I just found what everyone in my family is getting for x-mas this year!

tea tray in the sky.

I could tolerate these if not for the Comic Sans.


god forbid someone use comic sans in a comic.


So nice of Dr. Phil to leave a message. : -)

Nothing rhymes with purple

Someone just cracked open the mysteries of my marriage as if it was an oyster being shucked.


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