Monday, March 14, 2011


Nice American Girl Teaches Manners to Asians

Pass this UCLA student's instructional video along to your Asian friends right away — but not while they're in the library, because they'd probably just watch it on loud. Knowing them, I bet they'd hook it up to the intercom, too. Why are they always hooking everything up to the intercom?

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I do not believe this girl was ever in the library.

Edith Zimmerman

But where else would she have her epiphanies?


I can picture her shushing an asian while clicking through stories on TMZ.com.
Why can't they learn American manners with all of their "Bing Bong Ching Chong" and such?


lmaoooo@ you...yesss THIS!


*Tsk* Oh my god? The nerve of those asians? *Tsk* How dare they disturb a little aryan princess like myself while I'm trying to study? *tsk* I mean I feel totally bad or whatever about that tsunami thing but like GAWD... *tsk* So like thanks for listening!

Yeah so this girl makes me want to puke. I'm pretty sure that being in the library isn't going to be the deciding factor in her lost epiphanies, though I do have to wonder what they were....


But seriously I'm 99% sure this is satire or trolling because of that tsunami remark


So, I was deeeep into flipping through my poli sci notes while standing in line at the library Starbucks and then all of a sudden when I'm about to reach an epiphany (you know I really don't think I can fake bicameralism to get free drinks in a bar after all? yeah, totally misinterpreted that lecture) some Asian thought he was allowed to speak in my presence?



Hot mayonnaise

Like, I might even go to law school or something. LAW SCHOOL.


Oh girl, I know what it's like to be all, like, deep into my studying, and theories, arguments, and all that stuff, and have my epiphany interrupted. I didn't spend three years at Santa Monica College for that.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

You have a problem with community college?


They're full of Asians! Talking in the library.

Katie Walsh

Ok, so I guess the proper reaction to this girl's ill-advised rant about others based on stereotypes derived from their appearance and culture is to... judge her based on stereotypes derived from her appearance and culture. Seems about right.


Gentle ribbing based on subcultural cues is pretty much exactly like racism, yeah. First they came for the emos…


Oh, I'm judging her based on the inane crap she said.


You're right, critiquing someone for vapidity and racism is exactly the same as racism itself.


Calling someone dumb isn't a judgment if one proves it to be so.

squid v. whale

Hey girl, you have my support. Or we can continue pointing fingers and saying "You're dumb!" because hey that's what commenting on the internet is for.


So she wants Asians to adapt to our cultural practices and manners.
I suppose in this video she's demonstrating the time-honored American "I'm not racist, but..." proprieties.


I think if this girl ever "reached an epiphany," one of her breasts would explode.


what a fucking twat waffle.

and srsly? you dislike Asians..why are you going to UCLA again? please move to Montanna or South Dakota or something...."my like, poli-sci test and stuff...who cares if their families were lost in like, some tsunami or something, freakin' SHHHH, okay?"


Whoa hey. I'm from South Dakota. We don't want her.


lol@ kate..i was trying to think of the most whitebread possible places! i greatly apologize!

The Secret Sharer

this guy makes a valid point: who the hell schedules daylight savings time during finals week?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TKCXlDVuXg&feature=related


George W. Bush? No, but really, George W. Bush.


They also probably ate her dog, which will piss you off, too.


"I don't mean it twoards anyone of my friends, i mean it towards random people i don't even know in the library -- so, you guys are not the problem."
She's just referring to all other asians who are obvi not from HERE, right?
Well AT LEAST she's not talking about her asian friends, you guys, so like give her a break she's just trying to like... help?



Remixed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ3dFd_h_A0


GUYS! Guys. Just in case you didn't watch all the way through, I want to make sure that everyone is aware that "even if you're not Asian, you really shouldn't be on your cell phone in the library."


And if you're not Asian, you probably shouldn't even be in the library. You should leave. No offense.


Look, I don't know why you guys are all 'Whoa!' about this. Cos, like, she didn't mean it to any of her, like, friends or anything. It's just y'know, those hordes of Asians that are, like, strangers and stuff. And sooooooooooo rude. But, y'know, the Asians that she does know and whatever, they're like, fine. Y'know? Cos like she was all gracious and shit, and like, taught them how to act like, polite white people and like totally washed out all the yellow peril in them. So, y'know, it's cool now. Right?


I'm assuming it's a defense mechanism, but I keep going to a "this is definitely a joke. People are not this dumb/evil/terrible. Total joke." lately when it comes to all these YouTube videos. Obviously there are plenty of these people, I just don't think I can take it anymore.


Asians are generally most rude. I think its from living in more dense populations. Europeans are next worst. Homegrown sorority twats rank up there, too.


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