Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Killer Killer Whale Is Back But Promises Not to Kill Anymore

"If you had a friend that had a dog that had mauled three people, would you go play with that dog?" —Tilikum the killer whale, responsible for the February 2010 death of its handler (and involved with two additional human deaths — one being a homeless man who snuck into its pen late one night in '99), makes his return to public performance at SeaWorld later this morning. What does he have planned? In related news, sharks are jumping onto boats, and so are giant rays.

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I had a dream the other day that I was walking down the main drag of my hometown, and all the people I passed by were holding stingrays. If only I had shared this premonition immediately, this poor woman could have been spared.


They Shoot Whales, Don't They?


A homeless man snuck into his pen? Yeesh did not know that part of the story, that's horrific.


I live near Orlando, and have SeaWorld passes, and followed the story. The guy snuck in and got into the pool with the killer whale. Then drowned. They couldn't tell if the whale drowned him, or if he drowned and then the whale tried to get him out of the pool. There was damage to the body, but the stories told of bruising and broken bones, not biting-type damage. And that the whale was agitated and stressed by the situation, which is why they didn't blame him and went back to having him work with the trainers in the water after spending time making sure he was back to acting like himself again.


Wow. Awful.


I remember the press event shortly after the trainer was killed. Someone thought it would be a good idea to hold it directly in front of the tank, so we got these great wide shots of a somber Seaworld spokesman talking while Tilikum sort of floated there in the background, ominously, just over his shoulder.

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