Thursday, March 31, 2011


Katy Perry and Kanye West's Freaky "E.T." Music Video

TS;DW! (Too scary; didn't watch.)

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Recap: NormalKatyPerryWeird, NormalKanyeWeird, what is going on with the fingernails, NormalKanyeWeird, "alien sex" is a lyric, weird weird weird, OH JESUS GOD CENTAURS.

I'm going to need therapy.

Lady Gagarin

Even though I can't stand Katy Perry, I kinda dig this video. I am a space and sci-fi nerd, though, so yeah, pretty, otherworldly visuals are right up my alley. Pity about the song.

imo the most unsettling part was the product placement near the end, about as subtle as a crowbar to the head...


I have developed a recent appreciation of Katy. BUT. What is going on with EVERY video now being creeeepyx10? Creepy is the new not creepy?


I grow to like her more and more. I think part of it is that she actually seems to be enjoying herself in her role as popstar. Also - no melisma, thank Zeus!


I'm just thinking they really missed an opportunity to do a tie-in with Paul.


The sex talk with their albino deer hybrid kids will be interesting to hear.


As a kid, E.T. scared me more than any move before or since.

Katie Walsh

Katy Perry is pretty and I kind of like her barky, abrasive voice, but her lyric-writing is one step above Rebecca Black. Yeesh.


Did you hear Kanye's verse about a bar on mars where they drive spaceships instead of cars?


I love Kanye. But I lost my shit over that lyric.

I guess...is this song supposed to be a parody of itself? What's going on?


I heard you need a Prada spacesuit to get in there!


First I watched this with the sound off and thought it was an Evanescence video.


My shameful love for Katy Perry means I think this is hilarious/awesome. I like her because I suspect she's totally having fun with the whole pop star thing and she seems like she would be fun to hang out with and have a few bevvies with. I don't know about the product placement though...they weren't even trying to be subtle with this one, were they?


The group of writers who churn out pop music are running low on material.


I cannot stop hearing tATu's "All the Things She Said".


Yes! Thank you for providing me with what I could not quite put my finger on!!!!

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