Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've Never Kissed Anyone, But I've Seen the YouTubes

Good morning! Here's a double-edged sword of a video that's both heartwarming and a reminder you're sitting alone at the computer.


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I applaud the effort, but i disagree with the conclusion. Armageddon wasn't that fantastic.

Carrie Hill Wilner

I had forgotten about Ariel's super puffy wedding dress sleeves! This made me remember them! Thanks Edith, I am going to have a great day.


this was so sweet and adorable and ridiculous. but yeah- what jinsher said.

The Secret Sharer

i would have put in that scene from "Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael" where that dude goes to Winona "I want to kiss you so bad", also the part from "Untamed Heart" when they go to the hockey game and Slater catches the puck? also i would use Sonic Youth "Shadow of a Doubt" as music.

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