Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm a Giacometti

In Australia, the underwear line Triumph is attempting to rename women's body types from fruit ("I'm an apple," "I'm a pear," etc.) to Old Master artists ("I'm a Botticelli," "I'm a Rembrandt," etc.), because a survey revealed women don't like to be thought of as circular food.

Warning: Unexpected, almost laptop-ruining spit-take at 1:09, but that could just be me.


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Sigh. I'm still a Monet.

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano

Whew! I'd much rather be a specimen of the male gaze than a persimmon!


I know that song! Simon and Garfunkel, right?


Show us your Titians.


I think I caught a glimpse of Poussin.

Hot mayonnaise

Looking for a few good Russ Meyers.


Watch 'Bitch Slap' (Netflix has it), very Russ Meyers-esque. Ludicrous but the bouncing, heavens all the delightful bouncing.


I'm a Dali. (can't believe I got there first.)


I was thinking I'm more of a Munch.


Fruit-schmruit. What about all the discriminated hourglasses? Or can I still think of myself as an inanimate object, made of glass and sand?

Oliver St. John Mollusc

Picasso, always. It's hard to find underwears that fit when your ass is around by your knee.


I can't be the only one who is super-skeeved by all these companies "starting" "revolutions" or "movements" about pervasive social constructs, can I?
Yes, menstruation is not shameful, maybe we shouldn't go by fruit names (or hey, maybe we should stop funneling ourselves into types?? huh??), but I'd rather see a teenage girl hide her tampons and call herself a pear than have some transparent advertising scheme define what may be one of her first forays into critical thought. Change shouldn't have corporate sponsors, is all.

Internet Girl

Piet Mondrian over here. Under my clothes, nothing but rectangles and primary colors!


It's all fun and games until someone calls you a Botero...


Heh, "I used to be an apple, but now I'm a Reuben."

Man, I'm hungry.


totally an ernst over here.

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