Wednesday, March 16, 2011


If Romance Novel Covers Came to Life

A woman and her boyfriend have set the new high-water mark, in general.


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For some reason, that turtleneck makes me think of Bob Ross. And now I want to make out with Bob Ross. I bet that squirrel would get in the way though. And - death.

Jolie Kerr

Can we ask some of the A Dudes to also serve as Hairpin-up models so we can have our very own set of these?



Anna Marquardt

Jolie Kerr: VP in Charge of Great Ideas

Jolie Kerr

Anna Marquardt: Director of Awesome Title Bestowing


That third one has SERIAL KILLER all over it, for reals.


Mmm...let me feel your thyroid.


I am lost in admiration, and also thinking of Jenna and her now ex-boyfriend on 30 ROCK.

Anna Marquardt

These people are the best people. I like to think she was at the Goodwill one day and found both "Master of Marshlands" AND that killer turquoise jumpsuit and had a glorious epiphany.

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