Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Get Up, Stand Up

Attention those among us who are not morning people: Apartment Therapy has a helpful run-down of clever alarm clocks that force you to actually get out of bed. Some of them are a bit wacky, but this one is simple — you just have to stand on it to turn it off so there's no lingering in bed. Now if only they could incorporate a scale into it too. That way we could really start the day off right: filled with shame about how much dessert we ate last night!

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These clever inventions make me sad thinking about all of these people who just please would like to not have to get out of bed this morning, thank you. I don't even hate my job, there's nothing to hate, it's a very boring job and maybe that is worse because think of all the fun I could be having if I could just be a house girlfriend! Secret fantasies of feminists revealed.

Oh god it's only Tuesday.


I can circumvent this. I already trained my dog to shut off my alarm clock for me, so this would be all too easy.


OR, you could be a grown up, take some responsibility for yourself, and just get out of bed.

Kate Kane

Man, I wish. I need 2 alarm clocks just to begin waking up - sleep disorders are so much fun!


This is terrible! Well not only would I hurl an arm over or some heavy object to shut it up, I'd be weighing myself without the advantage of peeing first to *hopefully* make me less ashamed of the previous night's piggery!


This is how not lazy I am about getting to be lazy. My first thought: clearly you could figure out a way to set something near your bed that your could drop on it to turn it off. hahaha

Hot mayonnaise

This reminds me of my pet peeve of people seeting their clocks ahead 10 minutes so they're not [as] late. You know it's 10 minutes fast!


You would hate me. Both clocks in my bedroom are set 34 minutes fast. It doesn't "trick" me at all, but for some unfathomable reason it does ease my anxiety about what time it is.


What about people who set all the clocks in their house 5 minutes fast to kick their always late roommates into gear?

Hot mayonnaise

Now that's clever.


It works for a little while, and then you set it ahead again. In grad school, my alarm clock was eventually almost an hour fast and I was still late to everything.


I have an alarm clock with a motion sensor, which is basically the opposite of these. I just flail to snooze, until an hour has gone by and it stops going off.

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