Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dystopian Dollar Store Finds

"Aren't you glad I got us these comfy matching longjohns, babe?  Sometimes I get so cold sitting in my car all day outside your office that my fingers freeze up and I can barely work the binoculars."

What kind of dentist is this?

I bet this hunk's not used to keeping ladies DRY, amirite?

"You guys don't even want to know what happened to me on the way to the Sheila E. concert."

"Occasionally when I have time after watering my houseplants I'll slip into my church flats and something smart. It makes ironing my ambiguous service job uniform feel like more of an activity and less of a chore."

Shit, YEAH, he is!

Our special senses of comfortableness are unaffected by decapitation.

Most people don't realize the Olsen twins are actually triplets. Olga Olsen never sought the spotlight, and instead owns her own spray tan studio in Brighton Beach.

Julie Lauren Vick is a writer living in Brooklyn.

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Those aren't ANY fly front briefs, those are CLAUDIO NUCCI fly front briefs. Come on, attention to details people.


With those control top panty hose, it's easy to see all the funny, unintended meanings, but what is the picture really supposed to imply? I honestly cannot see beyond atomic wedgies, etc...



that was hilarious....

each and every comment was fucking hilarious!....thank you Julie...after crying on "51 hours to live" for like an hour on Reddit, and then reading it was probably fake...screw the internet...and then i read this...*sigh* i love you internet...you just get me..yaknow?

Fancy Mustard

Looks like that ironing board company is marketing to the Juniper Creek demographic. Which demographic is being courted by Cupid Boy, I'd rather not say.


That woman in the Control Top pantyhose commercial looks like she needs a bathroom, stat. Did anyone find that pose provocative? Scat aficionados maybe, otherwise, bleccch.


"You guys don't even want to know what happened to me on the way to the Sheila E. concert." OH GOD. Thank you.


You guys gotta check out "QueenTex's" website. Their slogan slays.



@jfruh: Which brings up what I'm pretty sure is the REAL difference – households have no unions to renegotiate with. Or employees. Or shareholders. There are a lot fewer levers to pull with a household in bankruptcy. They can sell assets, they can put more family members in jobs (hah), internet gratis indosat and other than that it's "no debts and bad credit for a while." Not sure if this translates into a moral imperative but it certainly is "a difference."


It spread via booby-trapped links placed on the personal page of something special than other Cara Hack Facebook diesel engine.

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