Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Color-Changing Fingernails

Right when you thought nail polish science couldn't blow your mind more than it already does seemingly every day — every hour — they went and invented nail polish that changes colors when you dip in water. (Maybe carry some in a Tupperware container in your purse.) Careful with this video, though, because it takes something strange out of you.

The Mood Polish costs $8, although as of this posting that website doesn't seem to work, so who even knows.


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Yes, because when I'm sad I dip my fingers in water. That's how you know.

This is actually kind of awesome, but why do they persist in calling these things "mood-changing"? Is there some etymology that I'm missing?

Paige Colbert Van Otten

I think if I wore this I'd just dip my fingers in water at every turn, like in the toilet or in my dining partner's water glass. How rude of it!


What happens when you wash your hands? Is this nail polish only for filthy people?

Lily Rowan

This could be super-useful in telling when it's raining out! Thanks, science!

Elizabeth Fox

wait, wait! Easter is late this year, but we can still dye eggs. Don't confuse the rituals or something bad could happen!


Dishwashing liquid?

Katie Ritter

This makes me miss my Sleeping Beauty barbie whos eyes opened when you put her in water. Which would have made the movie really different.


Hypercolor t-shirts anyone? Anyone?

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