Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Whatever You Do, DO NOT Eat Your Vegetables

Oh, look! Andrew Breitbart, everybody's favorite Tea Party truth-machine, is at it again! This time he's released some very hilarious cartoons that play cleverly on the fact that Michelle Obama is fat. Wait..she is? YES! Don't you know anything? She has to eat like 100 burgers a day to keep her arms so flabby. Anyway, the real lesson hidden in this extremely funny but also very logical cartoon is that vegetables are dangerous. They are? YES! They'll make your ears GIGANTIC.

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oh god, the comments on things like this are always the WORST. to wit: "I'll say it again, the cartoonist made an error, 'MUSLUMS DO NOT EAT PORK'. [sic, on both quote-placement & spelling.] There is no bacon to pass." ughhhhhhh. there are also frequent references to "Mooshell" that it took me a while to even parse.

I know it goes without saying, but I'm so irritated by the fact that EVERYTHING about this cartoon is terrible: the caricatures aren't successful, the premise of the "joke" (MO's supposed gluttony/obesity) is profoundly untrue, & the punchline is nonsensical. politics aside, it offends me as an appreciator of comedy/visual art/writing/life.

Patrick M

Also the whole bothering to put "57" on the ketchup indicating something something John Kerry?

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