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What’s in the Secret Lake?

Scientists are drilling into the pristine and beautifully named underground Lake Vostok in Antarctica, never before touched by humans. Says one of the researchers,

This is a lake that we don’t think has been exposed for 15 million years. Therefore, if there is life there, we’re going to have so many questions. How has it evolved over those years, how has it survived, what does it look like? Won’t it be exciting to find something completely new on Planet Earth?

Famous last words. [Bent over a microscope] “John, you’ve got to see this! It’s amazing, but looking at it kind of makes your eyes sting. Oh, it makes them sting really bad actually. Aaand now I can’t see anything. Maybe hold off for a sec.”

Update: 96 feet short of the lake, the scientists had to stop for Antarctic winter. They filled the hole up with kerosene, though, so not to worry.


Picture via SaleScar


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