Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Want Big Boobs? Just Pull A String!

Do you desire a "beautiful chest with zero distance"? Then allow yourself to be transfixed by this new technology, which will move the fat from your stomach into your boobs or something. It uses "aristocracy cord design" so it should definitely work.


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The sound effects!!


In a quick scan through various parts of the video, I'm almost positive I heard the word "Boobzilla"

Cassie Murdoch

Yeah, it's almost as much of a treat for the ears as it is for the eyes!

Setec Astrology

"I'm disrespectful to A-cups! Can you see that I am serious?"


Thus spawned thousands of Asian lady fetishes. Also, where can I get one?


I cannot watch this at work, but based on the screenshot--has Christina Ricci's career really reached this low?


I mean, I want one?

Suthap Klomrod@facebook

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