Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Urban Outfitters' Bridal Collection, BHLDN

On Valentine's Day the company behind Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People launched BHLDN, a relatively affordable bridal collection in the flowy, off-white, and romantically rough-hewn aesthetic vein the stores are known for. You can shop regularly on their site, or you can first take a quiz to find out what kind of bride you are and then shop regularly on their site, which, obviously, yes, go do that. For instance, I'm a Lady With a Twist, so I have to shop in the Lady With a Twist section. Which actually has a bunch of nice stuff, so I guess the site is perfect.

What kind of bride are you? It's a good thing to share with others loudly and frequently.

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I'm going to have to have multiple weddings to accommodate the numerous pretty things I like here. So, I'm Liz Taylor.


Here. These always brought me luck.


Not so fast, Von Ryan


I took the quiz, but I felt the description was saying in so many words that people will absolutely roll their eyes at the twee NYT write-up on my nuptials. I'm going to stick with my original dream of elopement and fried chicken.


Nostalgic Romantic. "The impromptu band that rose from the crowd": Ugggggggh Nope.


Gah! Want these shoes so bad: http://www.bhldn.com/the-shop_shoes/elopement-pumps


I am not wearing my reading glasses, and the low contrast made me momentarily think lady number 4 was feeling up lady number 5, and that j.crew could really learn something from uo.


I would like to take issue with the term "relatively affordable." You could buy like, 10 cows, 2 oxen, and a covered wagon for 1/100th the price.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

Ugh, I know. And by the time you get three-quarters of the way to Oregon, half your oxen have drowned and nobody will trade you.


*snarfs chicken soup*


La Bohemienne. My "most important of frocks is neither gown, nor dress. [Mine]... is an ensemble," so fuck the fuck out of you, you fucking fucks.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Me too. Can't say I was surprised.

Pitch Blease

I got neo-sophisticate, which I think just means boring.
I just really hope they have a sale because I just want to wear nothing but wedding dresses and weird little hats now.

Princess Slayer

I didn't even know an old school amusement park was an OPTION for weddings.


When I get married I want a three-tier cake, and a string quartet, and a haunted carousel, and a vindictive ghost clown who murders all my guests. Thanks BHDLN!


It is SO SO MEAN that none of the little hats (poufs?) on the example women are actually for sale.

Caitlin Podiak

WHATEVER, that quiz was DUMB and I am SO NOT a nostalgic romantic.

Ironika Leigh

ewww. i'd totally be pissed too.

Better to Eat You With

I answered the questions based on my actual wedding five years ago and it said nostalgic romantic. I also told my husband that we have to start over because I need to wear a lot of this stuff sometime in my life.


What if you are a ladyperson with a light olive skin tone that makes you look like you are gonna HURL if you wear white or off white?


Also yes metoometoo that quiz was impressively dumb. I resent the options for every question.

tiny dancer

Are you me?

I just glanced the first page of my type, but as a consummated hostess, I have options other than white available to me. Not that it really matters. I'd much rather just not be a bride.


OMG now someone has to marry Edith, who will it be?
Or...a DUD?

Hot mayonnaise

You mean "gets to."


I am also a lady with a twist! And i would like that polka-dot bra please!


I have to get a divorce and get remarried so it counts now :(


I was also surprised to find that my picks were pretty spot-on...until I looked at all the other picks for the Other Brides, and liked those too. Just like horoscopes!


I got Nostalgic Romantic, which makes sense, since I cry at weddings and because I'm going to die alone! Oh, l'amour!

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