Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tiny Things for Mental Health

Are you having one of those days? Why don't you go into your kitchen, take out your toothpicks, and file them into tiny colored pencils. For hours. Hours and hours and hours. Sometimes it's nice to just focus on things.


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Bonnie Downing

Why is that such a compelling idea? It's irrational, but it is exactly what I feel like doing.


Oh my god, I have to go home and do this NOW.

Tuna Suprise

February is the ideal month for crafting. I'm picking up a bottle of wine and some hot glue gun sticks on my way home tonight.


And then fill your house with things you never use, and drown under a pile of pot holders.


OH MY GOD. There are toothpicks in the office kitchen. Maybe the CVS downstairs will have a nail file I can use to sand the ends?


Also makes a weapon if you're behind bars.


I have this very clear mental picture right now of a doll coming to life and trying to color with one of these pencils and nothing appears on the paper because omg it's just a toothpick colored in with marker and in the rapidly fading light of the afternoon I am not sure if I am v. sad or v. creeped out.

Edith Zimmerman



" 'No, no! I'm sorry!' the girl cries. But still, the doll is not placated. "Then maybe THIIIIIIIIIIS one will work!" LalaLoopsy screams hysterically, foam running from her perfectly painted doll lips, as she crushes a colorful, deceitful toothpick into her fat little ravioli fingers. 'AHHHHHHHHHHHH.' Lalaloopsy screams. "


OMG...this was brilliant..and "fat little ravioli fingers" is totes becoming a main in my vernacular!


If the dooooool comes to life, can't the peeeeeeeencils?


I wonder if the 7-11 across the street would have these supplies. Maybe if I sneak a drink at work my hands won't be too shakey to do this


It is also possible, with care, to fashion perfect, tiny coat hangers from paper clips.


Why has no one yet mentioned how gorgeous that thimble is!?


Maybe because it's not a thimble. It's a MINIATURE PENCIL HOLDER.


I made a couple with markers while I made a cake.
"They're also the perfect size for Barbies." Haha they'd be HUGE for Barbies!

Tom Blunt

Haha. I love all you ladies.

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