Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The World's Tiniest Aquarium

What do you get for the doll who has everything? How about artist Anatoly Konenko's tiny aquarium, the tiniest aquarium in the world. "It's too big," she'll say.

Update: Oh my god there is a video of it.


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I hear that a lot, actually.


Tell those middle school kids to quit their bellyachin'.


I was intimidated by whatever animal that is that has such huge, fearsome eyes. bubblegum casting


Nom nom nom


Mmmm...the tiniest fish fry.

Hot mayonnaise

The smaller the aquarium, the easier it is to screw up the chemistry and cause a small genocide.

Jess McCloskey

That's what I was thinking, unfortunately, after I got done squeeing over how much I needed one.

I already was noticing how the fish count went from five to three between the first shots and the final shots.


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