Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Glamour Glaze Krispy Kreme: A Magazine Doughnut

Here's something to eat. Says Krispy Kreme:

GLAMOUR Glaze is our most stylish and glossy variety yet. Based on the signature Original Glazed doughnut, these limited edition treats are finished with a sparkling glaze in shades of hot pink and purple; satisfying the taste buds with a delicious hint of strawberry and blackcurrant.

Available in all Krispy Kreme UK stores and in store cabinets for a limited time only. GLAMOUR Glaze is the perfect accessory to satisfy all tastes and styles.

Mr. Kreme is getting good at making the donuts look so smooth!

[Thanks, Kristin!]

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Acetone filling?


Eat it off his dick! EAT IT OFF HIS DICK.

Emily Kaye

It looks like it tastes like nail polish.


nail polish, or those weird 'flavoured' lip glosses.


I would eat one, and save the other one for my husband. Then, later, I would eat half of the saved one. When my husband came home, I would say "I saved you half of my lip-gloss-donut!" and he would say "Awww. Do you want to share this half with me?" And I would.


Also, I'm pretty sure that glamour glaze is photoshopped on, so they probably don't look like they taste like lip gloss in real life. (But they might actually still taste a little bit like lip gloss.)

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