Thursday, February 10, 2011


James Blake's Beautiful Joni Mitchell Cover, "A Case of You"

James Blake is another ridiculously young and talented British person (see also: Adele), and his debut album just got a very high score on Pitchfork. The Hairpin also gives him a high score, both musically and visually. (There's also a free MP3 of this song here, if you'd like.)


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i've been digging james blake for the last few weeks, but this song... too antony, no?


i love james blake.

Allison Davis

annnnnnd I'm tearing up. Joni Mitchell? No fair. C'mon.


You're right, homotextual: very Antony.


This should have a NSFW warning. Because we will all start crying at our desks if we listen to this song, and it will be embarrassing. I will not listen to this until I am locked alone in my bedroom with the lights off.


The case is really good. We need to have something like this one going with it. - Douglas Andrew

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