Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Fascinating Mascara Mystery

Do you like pink-and-purple charts? According to this PaPC, 95% of British women carry mascara in their purses.

Why? No one knows.

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'Cause ye kin cut a yob with tha' twisty lil' brutch!


The bigger issue here is how much they are overpaying for it!

Setec Astrology

How bad/nerdy is it that my first thought was about how misleading that "£256" is? That would only apply to the woman who carries one of everything in the PaPC. The total really should be weighted by the various percentages, which comes out to £171.61 (which still seems like an overly large investment).


Agreed. That seems like WAY a lot for mascara. I bought some 2 days ago and it was less than $7 Canadian, and even that felt pricey to me. Maybe British women use fancy, gold plated stuff?

Jolie Kerr

Lipstick got ROBBED!


Is it one of those linguistic issues where "mascara" MEANS "lipstick" in British English? Because I can't even.


Perfume?? Who carries perfume? I would live in fear of my perfume bottle breaking and smelling like a cosmetic counter x 1 zillion.

Hero of the Beach

I wish women carried baking powder more often, although it's weird they don't give the stats for flour and sugar.


I'm amazed that they carry foundation around. When and where do they apply it?


To their faces, on presumes.


I find this so wierd, because I feel like mascara is the one beauty product you really don't ever need to re-apply throughout the day. Lipstick, YES. Mascara jneslo, kind of YES. Eyeliner, DOUBLE YES.
But mascara gets clumpy if you try and apply over the top...

Maybe they are just stealing mascaras and thats why they have them in their purse.


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