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Edith & Cassie Learn How to Put Foundation, Errr, This Stuff On

This morning Edith gave me a bunch of MAC Wonder Woman makeup, which was SO NICE and will really transform my look for spring. I wanted to repay her, so this afternoon I sent her a fun how-to video and we had a chat about it.

Me: Edith, I am telling you, as a friend, that you’re really not very good at putting on makeup. So I wanted to send you this very helpful tutorial.

Edith: LOLOL. OMG I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Me: Yeah, the thing I didn’t realize was that you have to let the makeup run completely out in the compact before you apply any to your face.

Edith: Argh

Me: It was worth all of her effort though, because she looks positively transformed.

Edith: Woman Transforms Self With Makeup

Me: Exactly. I love the ending. “OK. [Snaps compact shut.]”

Edith: Whyyyy was it over so quick? It was just getting started!!!!

Me: Please stop crying, Edith!!!

Edith: OMG, I canttttttt

Me: Just stuff a bunch of foundation into your tear ducts! It works like a charm.


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