Monday, February 21, 2011


Diet Pants Need Only Be Worn Every Day for Months

These stylish bottoms will fix you:

In clinical tests, 19% of volunteers reported less cellulite, 71% saw smoother skin and 76% looked firmer after wearing the leggings for two months, eight hours a day.

They work by being so tight and hot that your body's temperature supposedly increases by 3.6 degrees and revs your metabolism. (But don't worry, "these leggings don’t feel tight or hot.") They also squeeze you two inches thinner and "promote fluid drainage." They're $149, and they sound really nice.

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I'd ask if they come with a matching chastity belt, but you really won't be needing one.


I dunno; I'm digging the decorative waistband.


I'm totally convinced. Out goes my healthy eating plan and exercise regime! Thanks Hairpin.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

"Trim jeggings"

Not a coincidence, I guess, that this page has an ad for Butt Lift Jeans. You're going to need them.

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