Monday, February 14, 2011


"Dating Tips From Lovestruck Scientists"

To make a guy like you, science encourages you to put on a red dress, turn on loud music, hand him a cup of boiling water, scream into his right ear for a cigarette, scare the shit out of him, and then — and then — act weird.

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So, basically, you should go psycho.


But, Rich said NOT TO. And who do you really want to date, Rich Santos, who may or may not even exist, or some smart/stable sciency guy?


Neither I, nor any of my girlfriends, has ever dated a "scientist". This may or may not be any indication that perhaps scientists are not the best source for dating/love advice?


I am a scientist and have never dated a scientist.


I was under the impression ladies wearing red "wanted it".


I am, and we do.


I am dating a neuroscientist. I send him pop-study links and then he tells me why the studies are misleading if not out and out false. He tells me stuff like, "it takes a couple years to breed a transgenic strain robustly enough to have a population for experimental use..." It's hot.


But if I scream into her right ear, she won't be able to see my electric ice cream cone face tattoo!


If you make the loud music Sam Cooke, add a tea bag (the regular drinking kind, not balls) to the boiling water this actually would be a kind of nice night. I mean, kind of, I guess. Good enough.

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