Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dancing Alone to Pony, the Supercut

So you're aware of Dancing Alone to Pony the Tumblr, one of the top 10 greatest blogs online. Well, now there's Dancing Alone to Pony the YouTube, a video montage of the greatest moments from DAtP the blog. Next up: Dancing Alone to Pony the book. ("She moves back from the computer, and as Ginuwine's song begins to play she raises her hands and jiggles them a little in the air before explaining that the dance is for her friend Louisa.")


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can we all agree that dancing to Pony with a small child in the room or in what is clearly an elementary school is just.so.wrong?

Katie Walsh

Dance like the entire internet is watching.


this wins the internet.

Bro-lo El Cunado

I am in love with the "This is for you, Gerald!" guy.

Katie Walsh

I just developed a guys-wearing-pajama-pants-humping-dishwashers fetish.


omg! in the dorm room! with a box of Trix in the background!

Bonnie Downing

Skinny girl by the lake! I looovvveee her.


3:05! Buffalo Bill aka Jame Gum aka John Grant!


THAT WAS THE BEST! But 'Goodbye Horses' is kind of hard to top. (DANCING ALONE TO GOODBYE HORSES? YES?)


Now that this has happened, I think we're ready for "Trying To Dance To Mambo Number Five."


I like watching these and learning about where people dance. Like in their kitchen. Or an army storage room (???). Or a creepy room with wood paneling that's not properly affixed. All excellent choices.

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