Friday, February 4, 2011


Barbie, Don't

Mattel wants your adult opinion. But what made them break up in the first place? When they announced their divorce in 2004, their business manager explained it was time for them "to spend some quality time — apart," but that they would "remain friends." Vague. Barbie's been doing a lot of cool things since they split — including the coolest thing to do, blog — and so I say Ken go burn in hell, you spineless social climber. The current voting results, however, are disappointing.

And so I've been refreshing the page to vote no, over and over again, just to punish them. Ohhh I've refreshed so many times! They're truly going to learn their lesson.


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Wait...aren't we in the midst of trying to find America's Next Ken? Will this throw a wrench into the workings of America's favorite doll-based reality web series?

Edith Zimmerman

I'm sure they're COMPLETELY unrelated.


It was gonna vote "neuter the bastard" but for some reason it isn't a option.

Tuna Suprise

If you can't neuter him, just pop his head off.


Nice job thinking outside the boxers.


Is there an option for Ken and Blaine to finally realize their true feelings for one another and ride off into the sunset together in Barbie's dream convertible?


Ugh, "Blogger Barbie" aka "Computer Engineer Barbie" could do so much better.


Ooh it's close to "Let him down easy" now.


Did anyone else used to, in a pinch, lop all of your least liked Barbies hair off to make a "Ken"?


That Zac Ephron doll is very lifelike, but I don't think Barbie should marry it.

Donald Rogers

The Ken pictured above looks like a very clean cut J.D. Samson. Scribble a thin mustache on it and I'd take it back in a heartbeat.


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