Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Tiny Grown-Up Lady Children of Vogue Paris

Oh dear, the littlest ones of all, or close enough, have been subjected to Lauren Bacall-like come-hither expressions, complete with pouty mouths, sexy I-want-to-give-you-a-love-bite-though-I-be-only-eight-years-old teeth and downcast eyelashes for a spread called "Cadeaux" (you know, "presents," "gifts") in the December/January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris. "How young is too young for makeup?" is one question the editorial asks, before telling you the answer pictorially: "Oh, five, or thereabouts."

Adding insult to injury, the children are also forced to wear very highlighter-looking highlighters. Fra-ance!

Bonne année!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pasty Ramsey is rolling in her grave right now - that soooo should've been JonBenet.


I remember when Patsy died of ovarian cancer. John was right there at the side of her hospital bed making sure everything went right this time.


Wait - I thought it was the son/brother.




Au revoir, JonBenet...


These pictures are far more repulsive than any joke I could ever make. The last one is pure kiddie fiddler fodder.


Arrrrgggghhh, sending my 8-year-old to convent school next week...


I guess all of the 9 year olds who auditioned were too fat?

Ugh. I hope that the photographer, editor, and parents are all going to jail.


I look at these pictures and all I can think is: Why aren't they wearing hot pink stirrup pants with jelly shoes and an oversized Winnie the Pooh tshirt (tied to the side with a Lisa Frank tshirt tie of course!) like I was when I was 8? And I mean, I'm pretty sure I looked GREAT. Positively Vogue worthy!


eww. freaky photo-shopped feet are skeving me out. This might have been fun and cool if the girls didn't have to look miserable.

Caitlin Podiak

Whatever about the kids, but bunnies are not weird sexy accessories, you know!


Heh, my thoughts exactly! poor, oversexualized buns.

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