Monday, January 10, 2011


Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend Trailer

According to this trailer, Genuine Ken is a reality show in which young men compete for blue bracelets, Whitney Port hosts, and Barbie is referred to as if she were a real person. Mostly, though, this trailer raises questions, like "What?"

There's also a website where you can meet the "Ken-testants," which I highly recommend. I'm cheering for Compassionate Ken, because he will "make random sounds" to make me laugh. Heartwarming Ken does have a good original poem, though.

"Oh my son? My son is on a reality show competing to be the most like a doll."

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Well the one thing these guys definitely have in common with Ken is an anatomical similarity.

Beyond that, I have a hard time believing that the greatest American bf is a fauxhawked bagadonuts from Jersey or a 'roid head from the Quad cities.


If they are anatomically similar, then presumably they have no genitals. Which, I suppose, explains why they are willing to be emasculated on national TV. Neat!


"A doll with no man parts." Also, you read my comment! Aw shucks.

Michael J. Levy

We really need to exploit this phrase more: "The Great American _________," it makes everything sound so much more grandiose.

- The Great American What The Hell One More Fry Can't Hurt
- The Great American Tendency To Scream At People In Traffic
- The Great American Loveless Marriage
- The Great American Speaking Loudly And Slowly To People In English In Other Countries

have fun or die

The Great American Challenge?!

(don't google this if you're at work)

Katie Walsh

Distressing lack of bleach blonde mullets on the Kentestants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I recall I was 6' and 165lbs after a week of pneumonia once.
Artistic Ken is quite the lithe one.


I bet he would snap to pieces if you shoved him in a toy chest. Buyer beware!!


Oh my god, the sound I made just now--born from repressed guffaws over the Ken-testants website--was as if you covered a guinea pig's mouth tightly and squeezed it really hard.




This is sorely lacking in "Earring Magic"


I was worried about Whitney Port this morning so, I'm glad she's doing well and not forced into doing something completely ridiculous.


This reminds me of an old Barbie joke;

Q: Why can't Ken get Barbie pregnant?

A: Because he comes in a different box.


That reminds me of this joke:
A mother asked her daughter what she wanted for her birthday. The little girl replied, "I want a Barbie and a G.I. Joe."
"G.I. Joe?" the mother asked. "I thought Barbie came with Ken."
The daughter replied, "no, she comes with G.I. Joe. She fakes it with Ken."


It's all in the kung-fu grip, Coolie.

Andrew Kornfeld

One Ken's favorite book is Wayside School is Falling Down, which is my favorite book too (I am posting this from seventh grade.) At this point though, it's like, dude, you haven't read anything else? Even, I don't know, the Da Vinci Code (bleh)?


You know, I had a kid in my seventh grade class that must have had some unfortunate disorder because he could literally pass for being 30 years old. Maybe that Ken is really in the seventh grade?

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