Monday, January 3, 2011


The Great American Wedding Gown

The Great American Wedding Gown is now on sale. It's what we typically wear here in America when we get married, which I know because I'm familiar with the things we do in this country that I'm from and have always lived in. I could go on and on about the things I do and my choices, but they're so common to all Americans that I'll just say "think of what you're doing, and I'm doing that." That is, if you, too, are an American, as I am. All the way through myself.


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sorry your heinous

If we're going to go ahead and make up a regular price, why not $1776?


your game could not be more A today, edith. thanks for making the first day back from vacation better than bearable.


HAAAAAAH they totally overplayed their hand with those close ups–I am going to make my own, Betsy Ross- style.


OH MY GOD if you wear it to the next bawl I will prostitute myself for airfare.


Please note, garge, that it's two-piece so if the next bawl is in the summer you can wear the top with star-spangled hot pants.


I was at the National Zoo, in the building with monkeys in, sitting on a bunch harassing my friend who worked there. When in walks this heavyset white guy, wearing a silk shirt. The back of it had an eagle, screaming, riding the handlebars of a harley. Behind the harley was a waving american flag, which transitioned at the bottom of the shirt into the preamble of the constitution.

I assume that's what the groom wears?


What's nice is that when your wedding is over, you can fold your dress into a triangle and put it in one of those little triangular display cases.


Awesome how they managed to fit multiple Flag Code infractions into this dress.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

"Let's set it on fire and start over."

sorry your heinous

Star Spangled Purse sold separately.


You're expected to already own one.


Roomy enough to hold all of the essential face highlighters; yellow, pink, orange...


You just know this is actually going to be worn by a Wonder Woman fan at his/her ComicCon cosplay wedding, though.


The best thing about this dress is that it is "GREAT" – not just American you notice – but GREAT! GREAT! A great dress for great americans…. sheesh – why do I live over here…

(DOH! Sorry. GOWN. Over here a gown is somthing you wear in hospital, so back to that dress....)


It's nice, but if you really want to exude elegance on your big day, consider the denim bridal gown:


Yeah!! Who would miss an opportunity to float down the aisle in this dress while Gene Autry warbles "I've got spurs..that jingle, jangle, jingle..." in the background?!

Owais Ahmed@twitter

You just know this is actually going to be worn by a Wonder Woman fan at his/her ComicCon cosplay wedding, though.
Owais From Click here for more..


I like this kind of statements "think of what you're doing, and I'm doing that." berita terbaru hari ini


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