Friday, January 14, 2011


Stevie Nicks Has a New Single?!


And it's pretty good!

*Long, ragged screams*

"Secret Love" (a song that's technically been bouncing around unfinished since the '70s) is the first single off Stevie's In Your Dreams, her first studio album in a decade (due out May 3). Stevie! STEVIE!

Update: Pre-order the album here, if you like, where you can pick up a free and instant MP3 of "Secret Love."

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Jenn K.

This is why you guys are my favorite blog.

Dreidel Hustler

@Jenn -- it's climbing fast on my list, too.

Love that Stevie is still churning it out and isn't doing some sorta duet bullshit w Glitter McFancytwats or whatever the hell the kidz are lisnin' to.

Final note: I hope this comment thread somehow leads into a discussion about how her assistant supposedly blew coke in her ass before shows (to avoid harming her vocal chords). Or is that just as mythic as the Richard Gere/gerbil thing?

I'm not sober right now. Forgive me.

Jenn K.

Okay, my friend told me that HIS friend was the assistant that was paid to blow coke up her ass before shows. Is that totally urban myth?

Dreidel Hustler

I dunno. Never tried it. Actually, I've never done blow off *any* body part -- one of the bigger disappointments of my 20s.


How do you...do that? With a hairdryer? Blowing it up there seems like it would take skill/force. I'm clearly not into drugs based on this question??


Let's not turn into Emily Gould. Not sure if I can handle two of 'em. Not really sure I can even handle one, now that we're really talking about it.


Don't ruin this for me. Love for Stevie Nicks is a GOOD thing, a GOOD thing I tell you!


Fair enough.
/Backs away from post.

Emily Gould

Ha, man, I knew I didn't want to read these comments but I thought it was cause they might be mean to STEVIE.


Aw. See, I was going to say, someone alert Emily Gould because she will be excited!


Stevie Nicks is the best.

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