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Short-Lived 70s Groupie Magazine Star Now Online

Star magazine was a teen magazine, but it was essentially a magazine for groupies. Published by Petersen Publishing, it lasted a mere five issues in 1973 due to an influx of complaints from the public. Those five issues are now going online with the help of one Ryan Richardson, who's uploaded digital issues here. So what was the public so upset about? Oh, how about the first feature story in the very first issue: "Your Very Own Superfox: How You'll Know It's Him."

Excerpts from that article, which reads a bit like a religious pamphlet stuck to the floor of a New York subway station:

Foxy Lady, it is written in the stars and in the hearts of every worshipper of the Zodiac, from the inner brooding soul of the Capricorn woman to the deep, easy warmth of the Lady of Sagittarius, that there is a time for her to have her very own SUPERFOX. It is written that the time must come for a girl to move forward and up from the ranks of the shy, blushing Teenybopper, and to express herself as a brave new woman in a brave new world.


SUPERFOX is no dream, Sugar! SUPERFOX is that groovy dude who is the perfect match for your far-out personal style. He is your Main Squeezzzzzze! This is the man who will put a little more glide in your stride, and let you fall out to a happening in your sizzle pants with a few extra dips in your hips. Know where I'm coming from? I bet you do!

Fall out to a happening in your sizzle pants. It goes on, with section headers called "Your Own Little Loveplots!" and "You'll Be a Sex Slave!" and "Superfox Will Make You Insanely Jealous!" Regarding that jealousy:

Little Sister, don't be surprised if you suddenly discover that the calm, collected, come-whatever-may inner you is actually the jealous type! You will be super-jealous about this particular dude, insanely so. Your life will be one red alert alarm after another. It will just irk you to death the way that certain little brunette gumpdrop somehow manages to be around Him all the time. The poor guy almost has to trip over this self-appointed shadow to get where He's going: And you'll feel that's too close for comfort. Right? You'll even keep half an eye on your very own buddy, buddy girlfriends; you don't leave anything to chance. You'll even be jealous of this Fox's dumb friends...boys will be boys, My Dear. That's the only answer I can give you. But at least you'll be sure of one thing: This is SUPERFOX.

In this issue is also an article called "I Fought for His Love," with an illustration of one Farrah-haired groupie punching out another, and another called "Those Foxy Hollywood High Girls." There is also a craft project called "What's New to Do: Make a Foxy Pillow," which is literally a star-shaped pillow with a cloth fox sewn onto it, which the model in this picture is definitely crying into/kissing:

There is also fiction—"In her desperate struggle to find herself, could Pam stop the beautiful, earthy Michelle from coming between her and Len?"—and this is just the first issue.


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This is cool. Thanks Liz.


This whole thing reads like an awesome print version of the movie Foxes, but just the Cherie Currie parts (so, the good parts). This is my favorite: "When I'm out to get a guy, I always wear my backless, shoulderless, see-through halter top and my skin tight bellbottoms"-- from the multi-page profile on Hollywood High School girls/superfoxes and their guy-gettin' secrets.


Revulsion, coupled with a great desire to have been a teenager in the 70s.


This is also helpful in combating the idea that girls are soooo much sluttier these days. If I were an enterprising young floozy (instead of a weathered old whore), I would print these out, and when my mom (or grandma, I guess these are pretty old?) asked me to change out of my sugar sweet apple bottom jegging hot pants or whatever, I would throw them in her face and yell, "I know what you did! I know you banged Marc Bolan at The Hollywood Bowl! Ha! You can't judge me! Superfox 2012 OUT." Drop the mic, back away.


Please tell me where to send the licensing fees to you; I plan on starting the majority of my sentences with: If I were an enterprising young floozy (instead of a weathered old whore), from this day on.

Luane Neosh@facebook

@jessica LOL you are so crazy Jessica! Love it! "enterprising young floozy" can be turned into still FOXY cougar...wait...thats crossbreeding isnt it?? hehe


Can I be the first to say--WTF is up with the clown makeup on the cover girl? Is that what Superfoxes liked?


May I direct you to Disco Beauty:



Ah, but Issue 2 has soooo much more unhealthy body image talk (Karen Carpenter's weight loss plan! Encouraging plastic surgery so you can be just like Raquel Welch!) and well-meaning(?) racism (The Black Foxy Lady! Renay the [Black] Racist, who hates you because you're white!)

Ryan Richardson's other website, Break My Face, is also fascinating if you're at all interested in early punk obscurities/Serious Record Collecting, which, nope, huh, just me, nobody else cares, okay.

Other Alice

Just wait until the 5th issue, where they teach you how to get "The Black Foxy Lady Look"

Tragically Ludicrous

The Karen Carpenter diet article is just too amazing to have been made up. Sometimes reality *is* better than fiction.

Other Alice

Do my eyes deceive me or is that Mrs. Tom Hanks at the bottom of page 33 in the May issue? Also this magazine is magnificent. Also also "You First -- Always" may be the greatest article of all time.

Carrie Hill Wilner

I am confused. Why do you need to "know it's him" (ie your very own superfox) if you just made your very own superfox out of (or into? a pillow). Are you on that many drugs that you don't know which human pillow you just made? Answer, yes, but still.

Liz Colville

My thoughts exactly!!

julie lauren

i am never leaving my bed again. which was already the plan, true, but now i'll be way more entertained.

julie lauren

i also love "the rich hippie look" in issue 4. clearly rachel zoe was a star girl.

ps cher, liza, and desi jr? this is the GAYEST MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD

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