Thursday, January 6, 2011


Quitting Booze Ruined Her Life

"Giving up alcohol did not transform Laura's life for the better as she hoped." —One woman tells a cautionary tale of abstinence and misery. Use it however you'd like. And then if you need more, here's another essay with a winning title. "Oh, my mom? Yeah, she's a journalist."

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Katie Walsh

hahahahaha I love British people so much.


I'm totally sharing this info with my AA friends. I won't leave out the part where she goes to Greece.


Aw, snap! I was already on the fence with the colonizers--now I'm done, son! I think the fact that she wasn't able to cut out alcohol without the shakes and depression means she's probably addicted. What say you, educated Hairpin readers?

Katie Walsh

Also, she totally did not cut out alcohol, as she admits in the article to having a few glasses of fine wine and half a gin and tonic to calm her nerves at times. However, this is why I love British people so much (and booze).

Edith Zimmerman

I KNOW! She's like "detox was fucking horrible but I mean I did have a couple drinks sometimes, but fuck!"


How does one have half a gin and tonic?

Also, yes, totally addicted - if you're getting withdrawal symptoms, there's a chemical dependency there. (Says the girl who has not had any coffee or soda so far this year.)


And, bonus: that's an excellent journalistic use of Woman Sad Alone With Wine!

Katie Walsh

Sorry I have to come back to this. Another reason why I love British people so so so much: "On an average night out I drank several glasses of wine, a couple of cocktails, a few gin and tonics and sometimes shots of Jagermeister (a particularly repellent ­Nordic spirit)." THAT'S AN AVERAGE NIGHT? WTF. I would be puking my guts out after wine, gin and Jager in those amounts.

George Kr

you could do it, just pace yourself. i just came back from britain and i do love the british people, and irish too.


I love how she differentiates cocktails and gin & tonics. Also, I know it's not a contest or anything, but a half a bottle of wine on quieter evenings? Pussy.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Some people insist there's a category called "tall drinks."


I think the message here is, before you attempt to detox your life, make sure it isn't mostly made of tox.


There's a happy medium between binging every night and neurotically abstaining. I wonder what other impulses she must either indulge in to excess or deprive herself of totally.

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