Tuesday, January 18, 2011


MTV's Skins Is "Dangerous," Awful

MTV's version of the wonderful British program Skins aired last night. You can watch the full episode for free here, but probably don't, because the British version is available to stream on Netflix, so watch that, or watch it again, or watch it again again. The Parents Television Council, whose job is to convince people that television is like a firearm, or a person driving while drunk, which I suppose sometimes it is, is calling the US version "the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen," and I'm calling it the worst television show for anyone I've ever seen, apart from a lot of others that can't be discussed here because it's too dangerous.

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You know who's really going to be pissed? Gossip Girl. They need to step up their game, quickly.


Is this the one that consulted Real Teens for ridiculous, no-one-uses-that slang to make the show "realistic?"


Harsh realm, man.


I hate to be all "the British version is better" because I haven't seen this version, but I will say that the UK does trashy TV dramas so much better than the US, there is probably no reason to watch this at all. Right?


Footballers' Wives FTW?

Taylor Orci

I watched this show last night and it was really bad– The Parent's TV Council should really have the wisdom to distinguish 'dangerous' from dangerously bad TV. I could see why the show gave them reason to be angry– parents in the show are one dimensional. They're all carbon copies of Fred Flintstone in a temper tantrum, or Mr. MacAfee from "Bye Bye Birdie," who was always angry about "these kids today."

The thing I hope doesn't happen is kids will want to see the show more because parents disapprove of it. 'My So-Called Life" was cancelled for being too dangerous, this show should just be cancelled cause of it's misuse of Animal Collective songs.


Hey Liz, in this country, when you say something is like a firearm, it means you ARE BREAKING THE GODDAMN CONSTITUTION if you don't take it with you to church and everywhere else.

Liz Colville

I will take this on a little ipod or something and turn the volume up max next time I'm at church!


Ok, but it'd be better if you drove drunk to that church.


The girl in that photo looks like ass. Aspirational for teenagers? If they are Taylor Momsen, maybe.


I watched it last night. Absolute garbage! It was 100x worse than the third and fourth seasons of the original. I'd also forgotten up until watching the US version why it was that I had to give up trying to watch the original on BBC America, and try it on Netflix – all the swearing. Those kids in the US version aren't swearing enough if you ask me, but of course if they did, we wouldn't be able to understand anything they're saying due to all the bleeps. Bleeps are funny for a 5 minute sketch on a comedy show, but grow old after that. Some other complaints – Tony isn't hot enough, Cadie isn't nearly weird enough, and I haven't figured out which one is the Jal character yet, but I'm sure she doesn't hold a candle to her predecessor, either.


To be fair, I didn't really notice Jal as a character until her episode anyway.


I didn't think it was awful, as much as it was really really boring.

Liz Colville

Yeah! I mean my biggest problem with this is that it's a fax of the original. But it did promote the original...I decided to watch some of season 3 last night, getting over my deep mourning of the season 1 and 2 cast. Thank god for Effie.


When I was a teenager I hated shows with the one-dimensional parents. I felt like I was being pandered to, because the message was "parents are trying to ruin your life, RIGHT KIDS?" I knew some decent adults as a kid and some adults with problems. Skins' viewing audience could probably handle some non-lazy writing.

Also, loving Misfits and original UK Shameless. Hooray for the internet for allowing me access to Brit shows! Americans could watch the British versions, but I know there is money to be made in remakes.


That girl is NO Effy Stonem. What a tragedy.


i've seen both versions of skins, and to be honest i think the weirdness of the uk version doesn't translate as well. the us version just seemed like some strange experimental theatre.... and effy is hardcore, so why did they make her copy look like she'd just had something really awful happen to her?

all the same, i think it would be a shame if it was altered or taken off the air by the scared parent's league, because all other us dramas seem to centre around incredibly unlikely and not genuine characters. bring back my so called life.
or maybe i should just get a life and stop watching tv?

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