Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Men Laughing Alone With Fruit Salad

Salad never sleeps.

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Patrick M

Finally, a post I can relate to.


I'm not buying this one, stock photographers. Men are only happy when being served by women in my Getty Images experience.

sorry your heinous

Me, Alone, Laughing at Others Laughing Alone With Salads

little dead riding hood

I, Potato Salad, Laughing With Pasta Salad At All Of You Laughing At Other Humans Laughing While Eating My Distant Salad Relatives

little dead riding hood

Or you could just cut out the middleman and have laughing salad: http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/386239/386239,1270259038,3/stock-photo-kid-with-salad-hat-on-his-head-laughing-with-hands-on-mouth-50111377.jpg


How many takes do you think it took to get the strawberry balanced just so in the last one??


Having at one point in my life been a food stylist I imagine there is some sort of glue/toothpick/straight pins combination.

krugmanic depressive

I just want to point out that in none of these pictures is the man drinking water/white liquor/Crystal Light. This is the essence of the gender divide.


In fairness, one of these is a dude laughing alone with smoothie ingredients, being that they're in a blender and all.

I'm just glad none of them are men laughing alone while having their salad tossed.


where is the pic? i didn't see it.

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